Wprost – Festival of United Arts – An undertaking like never before

Wprost – Festival of United Arts – An undertaking like never before

A conversation with United Arts Festival patron Beata Drzazga, a well-known entrepreneur and visionary, about the unique initiative in Poland and one of the most intriguing art events of the year.

Starting from the beginning, what prompted you to join the United Arts Festival?

I’m happy to tell you about this unique project, the results of which we will be able to see any moment now. Just as I have always carried within me a love for entrepreneurship, so too for art. I was looking for an opportunity to combine these two fields, I knew in my heart that this was something I had to realize. I met with Maciek Musialowski, who enthused that he purchased the castle at such a young age and decided to create an arts festival in it. His plans were so inspiring that I naturally decided to have a part in them.

What exactly will the United Arts Festival be?

The United Arts Festival is not just a simple cultural event. It is a real feast for the senses and the intellect. Enclosing a variety of art disciplines in a historic castle opens space for creative dialogue between artists and provides inspiring experiences for viewers. We have prepared exhibitions, concerts, lectures and creative workshops to open art to modernity and the future. In this creative environment, artists mingle with the audience and inspire each other. We want the festival to have a social dimension as well, we are considering establishing partnerships with local schools, cultural institutions and entrepreneurs to create a vibrant ecosystem where art is an integral part of the community. We want to show that art is not separate from everyday life, but can be a tool to create values, educate and transform the world around us.

Apparently, you will also give lectures on entrepreneurship in the arts. Why do you think the two fields should work together?

I see great potential in the combination of entrepreneurship and art. My experience shows that creativity, innovation and the ability to manage risk are qualities that are of great importance in both fields. Entrepreneurship can help art create lasting values, and art can transform entrepreneurial actions into something more inspiring. We see the United Arts Festival not just as a one-time event, but as a cyclical, permanent celebration of art and creativity. We want the festival to become a space where art meets business and the two fields inspire each other. I imagine that this initiative will have a long-lasting positive impact on culture and society, changing the way we think about art and its role in our lives.

Therefore, we cordially invite both artists and spectators to participate in the United Arts Festival. It will be held from August 25 to 27 in the village of Domanice, which is located on the right bank of the Bystrzyca River, in the northern part of the Swidnik Plain. The surroundings are beautiful, and the castle itself on the grounds of which the event will be held is absolutely impressive. It will be an unforgettable experience, full of excitement, inspiration and creative dialogue.

Concerts, theatrical performances and cinema screenings will showcase a variety of artistic expressions, combining tradition with modernity. It’s not just reception, it’s active participation in events that will leave a lasting impression. There will also be space at the festival for those who want to develop their creative skills. The sculpture workshop will allow participants to immerse themselves in the world of three-dimensional art, bringing out beauty from raw material.

However, it is not only artistic activities that are at the heart of the festival, as the festival creates a space for meetings, dialogue and exchange of ideas. Maciek’s goal was to create an atmosphere in which the boundary between “audience” and “artists” disappears, creating one pulsating crowd. Ultimately, the United Arts Festival is not just an event on the list of cultural attractions. This is an opportunity to enter the world of art, not only as an observer, but also as a participant and co-creator. This is the time when passion and creativity meet with an open mind, and the diversity of artistic manifestations creates the beauty of a shared experience. Such moments are part of history and a source of inspiration for the future. I am proud to be a patron of such an enterprise.