Wprost – 2023 is a year of new inspiration and change

Wprost – 2023 is a year of new inspiration and change

Beata Drzazga, an entrepreneur with more than 260 awards to her credit. Mentor. Philanthropist. Creator. Founder of more than a dozen companies in Poland and abroad. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Upper Silesian Academy in Katowice. When asked what the year 2023 was like, he replies: It was a good year.

The year ending 2023 was full of important professional events in the life of Beata Drzazga. In addition to numerous speeches at congresses and conferences on entrepreneurship, participation in international meetings in Poland and abroad, lectures, support for culture and the arts, philanthropic activities, the Beata Drzazga Foundation was established.

Foundation that brings support

The Foundation will provide assistance to people who are in particularly difficult situations, struggling with health and material problems.
When we look at Polish business, we find that few entrepreneurs can combine so many positive role models. Passion, empathy, management skills, these are the hallmarks of Beata Drzazga.

Business Pattern

He is not only a creator, a visionary, a mentor, but above all, he is able to realize the most difficult projects and goals set. And this he passes on to the budding entrepreneurs he meets with at conferences and mentoring workshops.

The modern world is fascinating, but it also brings dangers, uncertainty and unpredictable twists and turns that largely define the lives of young people. Who among us was able to predict the COVID19 pandemic and all the consequences it brought with it. Who could expect a war in Ukraine or the current one in Gaza. All this is demotivating and difficult to understand especially for those who are just beginning their adult life. My mission is to show young people that it is possible to get out of any most difficult situation, but a great deal depends on ourselves. Beata Drzazga Foundation was established, among other things, for this purpose, concludes Beata Drzazga.

A new year ahead, new challenges. What plans does Beata Drzazga have?
In the coming year, among other things, I start another study at Stanford University in the USA. I also plan to participate in international trade missions, a conference on new technologies in Silicon Valley, USA, and I will continue to give wings to people at various conferences who want to change their lives. Recently, I have also been leaning into the topic of artificial intelligence. It is the future and a necessity. Anyone who wants to keep up with the times and stay up to date must be open to news. The worst thing is to believe that one already knows everything. This is the beginning of the end.

Beata Drzazga – a talented entrepreneur, business advisor and life mentor, has proven more than once the power of female success. She is the recipient of more than 260 prestigious awards and honors that recognize both her business and philanthropic achievements. As founder of BetaMed SA, the largest company in Poland specializing in long-term patient care, she has gained international recognition. He is the founder of several other companies in Poland and around the world. Its success attracts invitations to speak at economic and medical conferences around the world.

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