VIVA! – United Arts Festival, or how culture flourishes in the summer

VIVA! – United Arts Festival, or how culture flourishes in the summer

The vacations are coming to an end, but their finale this year will surprise all lovers of art with a capital S. I look forward to the 28th August, when Poland’s artistic cream will integrate during a certain original initiative of which I have the pleasure to be a patron. Through the amazing Maciek Musialowski, I will pursue my dream to combine art with entrepreneurship.

United Arts Festival
This unusual event, on the cultural map of Poland, will attract many artistic greats who will mix with each other and with the audience under the banner of “Festival of United Arts”. My participation as a patron of this Festival, is an expression of a deep passion for diverse art forms. This initiative is like a beautiful vision in which the worlds of art and business intertwine in an inspiring dialogue, creating extraordinary experiences for artists and audiences alike. Entrepreneurship has been with me for a long time, and artistic creativity has always been a source of fascination for me. When I met Maciek, I only knew that he was an excellent actor. I soon learned that, at the age of just 29, he had purchased a beautiful, historic castle in Lower Silesia and planned to set up a Polish artistic center of all arts there. I was captivated by the idea immediately, especially when I visited this amazing place in the small village of Domanice, located on the right bank of the Bystrzyca River, in the northern part of the Świdnica Plain. This project is very close to my heart, especially since I was born in Lower Silesia and have loved the local castles since I was a child. The potential of Maciek’s castle, but also the owner himself, fascinated me immediately. His idea for the United Arts Festival is an event in which the muses Euterpe, Kalliope, Erato, Melpomene, Talia and Terpsychora join forces and captivate with results. As a person with a passion for action, I could not pass by such an idea – my entrepreneurial nature called me to get involved. I decided to support Maciek in realizing this idea, so that he could create this magical place and make his vision a reality later this year.

A feast for the senses
The United Arts Festival is not just a series of exhibitions or concerts. It is a true feast for the senses and the mind. Maciek’s goal is to make the event cyclical, and this year’s edition is a real combination of the past and the future. Whoever comes here will discover the dance of various arts – painting, sculpture, photography, music, theater and much more. Every corner of the castle will become a field of creative dialogue between artists, as well as a place for inspiring discussions for the audience. The castle, which is a space full of history and tradition, combines with modern manifestations of art to create a unique experience for all visitors. Art exhibitions, creative workshops, concerts and lectures will also be an integral part of this extraordinary event. I also hope that the impact of the United Arts Festival will reach far beyond the castle walls. That it will inspire partnerships with local schools, cultural institutions and entrepreneurs. They will help create a dynamic ecosystem in which art becomes an integral part of community life. It will also be a great opportunity to show that art is not a luxury, but a tool to create value, educate and transform the world around us. As a successful person, entrepreneur and patron of the festival, I feel excited to give lectures on entrepreneurship in the arts. I want to share my experiences with other artists, because I believe that art and business do not have to exist separately, but can work together to create something new and fascinating.

Support for the development of arts and culture
For me, the Festival of United Arts is not just a calendar event. This is the realization of my passion and desire to support the development of art and culture. I see in it the potential to change our view of art and its role in society. It also proves that the harmony between art and entrepreneurship can bear fruit more beautiful than one can imagine. Today I already invite everyone, both artists and spectators, to join this extraordinary event.

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