VIP Magazine: Sharing experience from the heart

VIP Magazine: Sharing experience from the heart

In Poland, conventions for young people who are hungry for success early in their journey are growing in popularity. Beata Drzazga – an experienced entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist, creator of several companies in Poland and around the world encourages the younger generation to share their business experience.

Why learn from the experience of successful entrepreneurs?
Beata Drzazga – Drawing on the experience of other people, especially entrepreneurs who have already walked their path to success, can help those who are just starting out get there faster. The experiences of successful people provide valuable tips and inspiration, especially if a young person does not know where to start. I am of the opinion that by observing others in business, we can better understand business processes and avoid the mistakes that complicate and discourage those less resistant to failure. Unfortunately, it is very often the case with young people that they think they are infallible and that they know everything better. They are reluctant to listen to the advice of those around them, which can lead them to painfully learn from their mistakes.

That’s why I’ve long recommended to young people who talk to me that they observe experienced entrepreneurs, that they ask their opinion before making important business decisions. I encourage them to have the humility and courage to ask about their elders’ experiences. On the other hand, elders should enjoy advising the young and get the satisfaction of sharing their valuable experience and contributing to someone else’s success. Watching experienced entrepreneurs, listening to their suggestions, opinions and even criticisms, enables young people to gain practical knowledge, learn from others’ mistakes and understand key aspects of running a business. All of this can shorten the time and increase the chances of success in the future.

What questions about running your own business do young people ask you most often?
Beata Drzazga – Young people often ask about the stages of business development, the challenges of running a business, how to deal with uncertainty and change, as well as inspiration and motivation for success. An important piece of advice, is the information that it is worthwhile to set yourself up for unexpected changes, always be flexible and not prejudge anything, because managing a company involves frequent adaptation to new situations. In addition, it is useful to accept mistakes as part of the learning process. I see a lot of interest from young people in my success story, and I see that it is inspiring, because it shows that achieving even the most difficult goal is possible, but it requires hard work, perseverance and flexibility in the approach to change.

Why do you think it is so important to set yourself up for change in life?
Beata Drzazga – Life is a change, and running a company, is even more challenging. Therefore, it is worth adopting an attitude of openness, as it is an integral part of development and success. Our work should reflect a flexible approach to and acceptance of change. This approach will make it easier for us to adjust to the unknown that is life and at the same time prepare us to take advantage of new unexpected opportunities. I have been operating in the business market for more than 23 years, which gives me solid experience. During this time, I gained knowledge and skills by experimenting and making mistakes. Without making mistakes, we don’t learn. So mistakes are a kind of “blessing” – as the Americans I often do business with say – a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes experienced entrepreneurs fear competition from emerging businessmen and that they may overtake them in the market. This surprises me, because I believe that even such a generational change is an engine of progress, and for us – experienced entrepreneurs – it is a motivation to constantly develop and avoid stagnation. I gained my experience in running a business by trial and error. I really missed having such business mentors and promised myself that as soon as I could, I would advise budding entrepreneurs as well as those with 5, 10 or 15 years of experience in the industry

You are invited to participate in the “Our Future Forum” conference. What are the expectations of young people participating in this event and what and benefits can this participation provide them?
Beata Drzazga – Young people attending the “Our Future Forum” conference have diverse expectations. Above all, they expect to gain knowledge, inspiration and practical tips from experienced business representatives. They are very keen to develop their skills and improve their qualifications, so they come here from all over the country to learn what else can be done, how and with whom. A major benefit for them is networking with industry professionals, establishing business relationships, and being able to present their ideas and projects.

The conference gives these young people the opportunity to see themselves from a greater perspective and motivation for personal development. On the other hand, this conference can also bring a lot of benefits to ourselves – representatives of the business world, acting as mentors and advisors. Having the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and experience to young people, we derive satisfaction from sharing our knowledge and supporting others. In addition, acting as mentors and advisors at such a conference allows us to connect with talented young people who can contribute to our own ventures.

Source: VIP Magazine