Twój Styl: “Uwielbiam wyzwania”

Twój Styl: “Uwielbiam wyzwania”

Entrepreneur Beata Drzazga impresses with her versatility, efficiency and successive successful business projects. In his spare time, he supports and encourages others.

From the variety of fields your companies deal with, your head may spin: long-term care, laser therapy, aesthetic medicine, fashion, real estate, electronics.

Beata Drzazga: What is driving me? I believe that we should not let life just flow through our fingers. I always wanted to leave something behind. Early on, while still in school, I discovered leadership qualities in myself. And I felt that my calling was to take care of people, to help them, so I decided to go into nursing. But after 11 years of working at the hospital, I felt I had to change something. Seeking new challenges is a good way to avoid professional burnout and deadly routine, not only in the medical profession.

Did you opt for self-reliance?

This was also important – after all, when you start your own company, you become the CEO and you decide. I began to study (eventually finishing seven majors) and look for new opportunities. At that time I also promised my children that we would have a beautiful home. A dream to be realized awakens in me the desire to work. I believe that life must be enjoyed, and this is only possible when we experience fulfillment. I, in order to be fulfilled, need change.

What were the next challenges?

I got a lot of satisfaction from founding the fashion company Dono Da Scheggia. I traveled to European fashion shows, explored the world and sensed that I still had a lot of territory to explore. America became the next stop. I’ve always wanted to go there. I bought tickets and together with my adult daughter and the youngest of my three children, my then five-year-old son, we flew to Miami. There my eyes were opened. I saw many things from a completely different perspective. Polish complaining became distant, I was inspired by American optimism and energy. It turned out to be a close approach to life for me. I opened two electronics stores there (BetaNest Electronics). It would seem that this way I will have more on my mind, but I then organize my time even better and am in my element. I was also involved in a business mission to Nevada. In the process, I fell in love with the States.

Where are you going now?

On the occasion of the economic mission activities and the 60 Million Congress organized in various countries, I ended up in Puerto Rico. How many possibilities are there! If I had five more lives, I would organize a lot of things there: clinics, spas, car washes…. I tell entrepreneurs that this is a great place to grow a business. In my first company, BetaMed SA, which provides care and already has more than 91 branches nationwide, I just moved to the board of directors. I have made room for more activities – I am opening new businesses related to economic missions. And I am just co-organizing a conference in Silicon Valley on new technologies.

This is your latest passion. In your opinion, is artificial intelligence an opportunity for humanity or rather its doom?

It’s worth remembering that AI can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. But we certainly have no turning back, because countries like China are already very advanced. Artificial intelligence can assist us, improve quality, make us more competitive.

You also act as a mentor.

When I meet with young people or entrepreneurs, I’m happy to tell how I’ve acted myself, and give advice to those who need it. I see my experiences empowering and inspiring others. This is very fortunate for me.