The female side of the entrepreneur

The female side of the entrepreneur

Beata Drzazga – a successful woman, mentor and business inspirer, founder of the largest company in Poland providing long-term patient care BetaMed SA, the exclusive fashion store DONO DA SCHEGGIA in Katowice, or the Drzazga Clinic Laser Therapy Clinic in Chorzów – talks about whether strength is a woman. Beata Drzazga is valued as an entrepreneur and invited as a speaker at many Polish and international international economic and medical conferences. She is also a laureate of over 200 prestigious awards and distinctions for both business and philanthropic achievements.

Have you ever said that business has no gender, and would you agree with what some women say that “strength is a woman”?

Beata Drzazga: When they ask me for my opinion on this issue at the panels to which I am invited, which mainly talk about strong women, I repeat that we should be careful with such a statement. It sounds very feminist, and I personally do not belong to feminists. I do not endorse any extreme or say that now is the time of women or that men today are losers. It is true, of course, that more and more women today develop and manage companies in Poland, but this is the result of changes in our state system, from centrally managed as a communist state limiting the role of a woman to a housewife or workers, to a democratic state in which everyone has equal rights to fulfill a role in which they feel comfortable. Unfortunately, wage inequality is still a problem today, but luckily, with the exception of the IT industry, more and more women are joining once-male-dominated teams and making careers as spectacular as they were. But I repeat that business has no gender, because I often face such prejudices that since I am a delicate blonde representing my company, then I am probably just the CEO’s wife. I explain to men and women not to look at what gender is behind the president, founder, entrepreneur, and to look at who this man is, what features, experiences and what he created. I repeat that they should not be guided by gender, but assess the broader picture of the situation. I am very careful to give everyone what they deserve with their work, commitment, vision and creativity. I am concerned that there are still many business clubs with all male members. Fortunately, it is slowly changing and more and more women are also their members. I remember once when we were presented with the award at the Business Center Club, there were only 4 women, and the rest were only men in suits. That is why I try to maintain this balance where women scream that they are strength, I remind them of the strength of men, and vice versa – where men discriminate against women’s achievements, I emphasize the merits of the fair sex.

You consider yourself a strong woman, and what, apart from strength, led you to success? Determination, personal charm, or maybe a stroke of luck?

Beata Drzazga: Mainly because of my character traits. You have to be born an entrepreneur, I don’t believe you can learn his qualities. You can learn the rules of running a business, but with the qualities of an entrepreneur, we must be born. These features include a strong personality, duty, courage, openness to challenges, self-discipline and ease in establishing relationships with people, the ability to make quick decisions and derive pleasure from it, not stress that this decision will be wrong. If stress keeps us from acting, then we are not made to be an entrepreneur. It offends me a lot when I hear how I or other successful people are judged by the way we look and comments that our beauty helped us. This is absolutely not the case, quite the contrary. Beauty and personal charm are often an obstacle in achieving success, because, unfortunately, there are many envious people in the world who find various obstacles on the way to the goal of such an entrepreneur.

What kind of women do you feel best among?

Beata Drzazga: He feels good among strong, self-confident and humble women. Such women are classy and I like the fact that when we are in their company, we inspire each other and draw from our experiences. He feels bad among women who try to mask their undervaluation by force. It is not about boasting about your achievements, even mastery over your abilities and exaltation. I definitely like being among strong women, but also not imposing themselves with their strength. This does not mean, of course, that I have no heart for weak women, quite the opposite. I am very captivated by ambitious women, but weak enough that anyone who can cut their wings, destroy their self-confidence. I am very moved by such situations and I want to help such women immediately, motivate them not to let themselves be suppressed. I often get messages from them that I inspired them so much that they started their own companies or got wings to act.

You talk a lot about the need to hug people … is it your natural instinct, the inner need that makes you hug people, or the psychological knowledge that touch is healing?

BD: I have always had such an inner need to direct love and tenderness towards people, especially when I am faced with a person who needs support, warmth or kindness. I hug my employees because I like them so much and I am very attached to them. I feel that they also like me, and even love me, because they have been working for me for many years. I want to thank them for these years of devotion. After all, my employees are not my slaves, and many of them have been with me for so many years and are trying to do much more than I expect from them. I also hug my patients in the clinic. They touch me and I can’t resist hugging them. Looking into their eyes I can see their soul and I don’t judge if they are beautiful, ugly or bland. I want to tell them to their eyes how important they are to me and that I love them. I also hug people who are not related to my work, but who broadcast on the same energy waves as me, and I can sense it easily.

As an experienced entrepreneur and successful woman, you must be able to recognize people. How do you know if you want to have a relationship with someone or not? Does your intuition or experience help you make the choice?

BD:Both intuition and life experience. I know very well what people I want to surround myself with and I can easily sense it today. I choose people who radiate warmth, who make me feel honesty. Positive people. I can easily sense interested people and stay away from them. Of course, I understand that everyone wants to earn money, but not only money matters, so if someone is too pushy, I avoid such relationships. I can easily sense insincere people, both in private and professional relationships. I am vigilant because I have burned myself many times in the past, but I can also accept people who have weaknesses. I know that we are all full of advantages and disadvantages and this is not a problem, but people’s bad intentions. I don’t want to feel used and if someone tries to do it, it is unforgivable, just as it is unforgivable being dishonest.

What are your values ​​in life?

BD: Humility comes first. My motto is „ success is to be successful and stay yourself”. I am happy with how life has shaped me, that despite everything I have achieved, I am still the same person, I see people, I want to help them selflessly. I have a lot of empathy, not only for people, but also for animals. In this spirit, I also raised my children, because the family is also a great value for me and I always wanted my children to grow up to be people full of respect for other people and heart for all living creatures.

Thank you for this sincere female conversation.