Rpbiznes.pl – The power of knowledge in the age of innovation

Rpbiznes.pl – The power of knowledge in the age of innovation

In a world where change is the only constant and technology is advancing at a dizzying pace, the key to success lies in the constant pursuit of knowledge. Beata Drzazga, founder of many companies in Poland and abroad , founder of BetaMed SA, shares her opinion on the importance of continuous education in developing the future of business, technology and society.

Ms. Beata, in an interview with Capital24.tv you stressed the importance of constantly improving your knowledge and adapting to new technologies. In your opinion, how does the continuous development and improvement of competencies affect success in business?

Beata Drzazga: In today’s dynamic world, where new technologies and changes are a daily reality, continuous improvement and competence development play a key role. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, openness to learning and willingness to grow are no longer just added values, but an absolute necessity. What we knew yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow, so constantly expanding our horizons and developing our skills is the foundation not only for staying competitive, but also for innovation and growth. In my companies, I emphasize the development of employees, aware that their creativity and competence directly contribute to the value we offer our customers.

Speaking of young people and their role in the future, what skills do you consider crucial in the context of new technologies and the changing job market?

Beata Drzazga: Young people today are growing up in a very different world from us. These are the so-called “digital natives” who cannot imagine life without access to the global network and modern technology. In this context, not only technical skills such as programming or handling new tools become crucial, but also adaptability, creative thinking and the ability to work in a dynamic team. In my companies, I place a strong emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging young people to acquire knowledge in various fields. I believe that it is the combination of diverse skills and perspectives that is the key to innovation.

You raised the issue of accepting the departure of employees who have developed new skills. What benefits does this approach bring to team management?

Beata Drzazga: Openness to employee development, even if it means risking their departure, is a sign of a mature leader and a healthy organization. It shows that the company values personal and professional development, which in turn attracts talent and builds loyalty. Employees who feel their development is supported are more engaged, creative and willing to innovate. Even if they ultimately decide to leave, they often become brand ambassadors to the outside world, which can bring new business opportunities and attract more talent to the organization.

What are your thoughts on the future of education and development in the context of a rapidly changing world?

Beata Drzazga: The future of education, in my opinion, will be even more integrated with technology, making it possible to adapt the pace and style of learning to the individual needs of learners. Online and hybrid education will become the norm, offering access to knowledge without geographic or time constraints. However, it will be crucial to maintain a balance between technology and the humanistic dimension of education, which shapes critical thinking, empathy and social skills. I believe that the future belongs to those who will be able to combine deep technical knowledge with soft skills, adapting to an ever-changing world.

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