Creating I am in my element! Creating I am in my element!

Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed S.A. medical center and several other companies in Poland and abroad, is not limited to achieving financial success in running a business. For her, innovation, empathy and respect are equally important. He is invariably a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs, constantly challenging himself with new ideas.

How do you define the term “business with heart,” which often appears in relation to your professional achievements, and what real meaning does it have for you?

Beata Drzazga: For me, business with heart means running a business where not only numbers count, but also humanity. I always remember that it is the people who make up the company that I hire and take care of. My company and team are like a family to me because we spend a lot of time together. It is also important what type of service I provide. I feel very fortunate to be able to help sick people, surround them with love and provide them with comfort. In business, you should never forget about people, because they are the most important.

Where do you get your energy and motivation for your daily activities, being undoubtedly a successful woman?

Beata Drzazga: What drives me and motivates me to act is mostly the challenges and the endless dreams I want to achieve. I am a fulfilled person who has succeeded in achieving many goals. However, what I receive from other people is equally important. When I give them love, commitment and put all my heart into what I do, I get the same beautiful emotions from them. Daily motivation and happiness also come from helping others. Recently, I have become involved in helping children in Africa, financially supporting them and delivering gifts to them personally. I also engage in providing assistance and mentoring to other entrepreneurs who need it. I participate in economic missions around the world, feeling that I can make a positive impact on the development of other people and communities.

Did your participation in the 60 Million Congress in Miami bring new and promising business opportunities?

Beata Drzazga: The 60 Million Congress is an excellent cyclical event that attracts people from business and culture. Every time I participate, I have the opportunity to meet many interesting people with business potential, and this time was no different. During the congress we had the opportunity to share our experiences, which resulted in many positive outcomes. In particular, the congress participants decided to undertake joint activities in Puerto Rico, launching a business mission there. We also had a meeting with the governor of Puerto Rico and ministers… It’s amazing how much can be accomplished there! This country resembles Poland in the 1980s. In fact, almost any idea that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind can be implemented there.

You continue to implement your plan to participate in economic missions around the world

Beata Drzazga: Yes, of course. We are about to embark on business mission projects to various destinations, including Asia. We are currently focusing on collecting people who want to join our team. There are a lot of great things happening in this area!

Did the words of John Bryzek, the Silicon Valley scientist and entrepreneur who first called you a Visionary, prove to be accurate?

Beata Drzazga: Actually, that’s what he said about me. I have been attending conferences on new technologies in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, for several years. This is a very pleasant experience for me, because during one of my earlier visits I met Janusz Bryzek, a wonderful Pole who is considered the “father of sensors” in the United States. Janusz Bryzek founded and managed 11 companies, achieving incredible success and gaining respect in the scientific community. After his death, a street in his hometown was named after him. During our meeting last year in Palo Alto, I told him about my desire to create something new that wasn’t there yet, which BetaMed S.A. has achieved. That’s when Janusz Bryzek called me “Visionary.” I was honored by such feedback. People who create and achieve a lot often underestimate their contributions. In our conversation, Janusz Bryzek noted that I am constantly looking for new challenges and not resting on my laurels. This is my key to success, especially in business. I enjoy my work, I can’t separate when I’m passionate and when I’m performing my professional duties. I wish everyone such an approach to life, where everything intermingles and harmonizes.

Does your experience in running a business indicate any differences between being run by a woman and a man? If so, what do you think those differences are?

Beata Drzazga: A business run by women, in my opinion, has many positive qualities, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a woman myself. Women are extremely strong, perfectly organized and can work all day. Tenacity and determination are qualities that distinguish many women in business. At the same time, and just as importantly, women bring empathy to the business, listen to intuition and have intuition. Nowadays, women are showing a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, which is perfectly visible in the market. Many male entrepreneurs appreciate and respect this. I believe that class in business is mutual respect and appreciation of others’ successes. We have different roles at home – both female and male, but that doesn’t mean that a woman entrepreneur has to give up taking care of the house. These two spheres of life are not mutually exclusive. Anyway, let’s put it into perspective – every house is a kind of small business that needs efficient management. Women excel at running a home because they are meticulous, careful, responsible and can plan everything well. These same qualities are key in any business.

Is there any place in the world that is particularly dear to you, given the large amount of travel you have done in your life?

Beata Drzazga: For me, the whole world is full of beauty, but I feel best in places where it is warm and I can admire the charming nature. Traveling is a great passion of mine, so I am constantly pursuing it. However, my greatest passion is creation – I create constantly, both in business and in other areas of life. Every day I am extremely grateful for the way my life is and appreciate the opportunity to continually progress and grow. I still have many things to accomplish and plans to carry out!