Positively rebellious

Positively rebellious

Management theories are models with no guarantee of success. Why,? And this is because when starting a business, we do not think about the style of management. We entrepreneurs create the business and we create the successful or sometimes less successful criteria for managing the company. It is especially important what kind of bosses you are in companies that are not huge, global corporations that treat their employees anonymously, who are only numbers in Excel.

So, if someone asks me: what is my theory of management, what is the secret of my success, of course I will answer. – Well, I’m positively rebellious. I am not afraid of challenges and risks. I focus on intuition, consistency and … empathy.

Someone will say empathic means “soft” in business, so it has no chance of survival and will be quickly defeated by the competition. This is strength, because intuition gives us incredible power. This ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and recognize the way they think is an advantage. By empathizing with what someone will do, how they will behave, it allows us to plan and act. It’s a great tactic and, importantly, it works.

I like to break stereotypes, push boundaries and win, and at the same time build something permanent, support others, give a chance for development.

My optimism is of great importance in what I do and how I do it. Positive thinking and attitude towards success gives me energy. I feel that many challenges are ahead of me, that they are waiting for me. Based on my experience, intuition and knowledge – I will recognize an opportunity and implement even a difficult project. After all, the more complicated something seems, the more it’s worth doing. Satisfaction will be greater, because resting on your laurels is not an art, the most important thing is to act.

The important thing is that I’m not doing this just for myself. As an entrepreneur and owner of several companies, I provide employment, so I not only give work, but also indirectly contribute to the achievement of other people’s life goals. Therefore, since, as I mentioned, I have this power, why not use it and build more jobs, not give people reasons to be satisfied and fulfill their desires. This is the best thing you can do – share your entrepreneurial talent with others. This drives you to act and take on new challenges.