Pearl of the Polish Economy

Pearl of the Polish Economy

Beata Drzazga, appreciated, award-winning founder and president of BetaMed SA, but also a business and life advisor, entrepreneur, dean of the medical faculty of the University of Upper Silesia. She describes herself as “positively rebellious”.

A woman of many talents, a huge appetite for life, energetic and not afraid of challenges. She pointed out that it is important to take action and not rest on our laurels. Her commitment, perseverance, ambition and unconventionality were appreciated by the editors of Gazeta Finansowa, placing her on the unique list of the 25 most entrepreneurial women “Pearls of the Polish Economy”.

In an interview with, she emphasized “Business has no gender”, what counts is what features we have, charisma and what we bring to business. He talks about his determination and willingness to make changes.

The first BetaMed company she created was successful and has been present in Poland for over 20 years. Beata Drzazga was not afraid to take risks, she invested in development and improved with each passing year, placing more and more emphasis on the development of the company.

Full of optimism, she honestly says that it is never perfect when running a company and you have to face obstacles and changes, mainly 75 percent of the time. you solve problems, but it’s worth that 25 percent. satisfaction and contentment.

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