PAP Mediaroom: Digitalization and ecology – the impact on business

PAP Mediaroom: Digitalization and ecology – the impact on business

Digitalization, i.e., the implementation of digital technologies in all aspects of social and economic life, and ecology, i.e., awareness and action for sustainability and environmental protection, are two key forces affecting businesses.

In a debate organized by the editors of entitled. “Ecology – what is it today? Is it fashion, business or disaster prevention?” was attended by Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed SA, Robert Szyman, director of the Polish Plastics Converters Association, Joanna Maraszek, Chief Product & Sustainability Officer / co-founder, Plan Be Eco and Wiktor Krzeszewski, CEO, mTap Smart City.

“I observe that growing environmental awareness benefits both society and businesses. Customers increasingly appreciate companies that invest in sustainable solutions and engage with local communities. That’s why we entrepreneurs support local communities, engage in a proactive approach to environmental protection, and contribute to reducing our negative impact on the planet. Any action aimed at sustainable development brings hope for the improvement of life on earth in the long run.” – said the founder of BetaMed.

“As socially responsible businesses, we implement strategies to reduce CO2 emissions, use eco-friendly materials and promote conscious purchasing. Companies that take eco-friendly measures have a key role in shaping a better quality of life for future generations. Their commitment to sustainable practices and environmental innovation has a long-term impact on protecting the environment and the legacy we leave to future generations.” – said Beata Drzazga.

Are industry and consumption allies of pro-environmental action?

Robert Szyman replied that: “It should be noted that if it were not for industrial progress, it would be difficult for us to respond to certain changes. The industry undoubtedly plays an important role in creating renewable energy sources and changing our present to benefit the environment.

In turn, consumption, especially excessive consumption, does not have a good effect on the environment. The public should make the vast majority of purchases consciously and take full advantage of all products. It’s worth mentioning that one of the world’s biggest problems is widespread food waste, and the environmental footprint from food production is five times higher than the production of plastic packaging to secure that food. Therefore, it is important to be aware that the industry can make a lot of difference in our reality, if only by applying the principles of closed-loop economy or sustainable development.”

The second debate, “Digitalization – impact on changes in business and society,” focused on digital opportunities and improvements for business, but not only. Participants included Kinga Dobrzyn, manager of Development of Traditional and Digital Services, Poczta Polska, Joanna Parasiewicz, Head of Communication & Marketing, CEE at OVHcloud, and Marcin Myszkowski, Head of Next Generation Banking Practice, GFT. The latter stressed: “Digitization brings a number of benefits to business, including by automating and optimizing processes, the results of which can already be seen in the short term. This includes issues such as online customer service – such as selling products and services or handling complaints – something that was not so obvious in some industries not so long ago.”

Improvements are also being implemented for the betterment and comfort of customers, Kinga Dobrzyn said. “The Polish Post has implemented an innovative solution, moving the registered letter to the Internet space. It was the first in the country to introduce electronic delivery services (e-Delivery and Q-Delivery) and an ICT system for correspondence exchange, available to all citizens, companies and public entities. Registered electronic delivery services are a major convenience for companies and citizens. Using them, it is possible to handle both official and business matters without leaving home, from anywhere in the world and with the highest security standards.”

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