New challenges inspire me and give me joy!

New challenges inspire me and give me joy!

You manage several companies in Poland and abroad. What is the secret of your success?

First of all, you have to work for success. We, entrepreneurs, are seen at galas and balls
charities, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To be invited to conferences or
To get rewards, you have to put in a lot of hard work, sacrifice part of your life, lots of it
time, effort and energy to run a business. Therefore, during speeches at conferences or
meetings in entrepreneurship clubs with people planning to run their own business
I always emphasize that it is impossible to build a successful company overnight. For success
of any undertaking usually requires many years of hard, systematic work. Often
also sacrifices, stresses, sacrifices and even health. You need a lot of strength and will to keep going
act, constantly develop, never rest on our laurels. I also consider myself a businessman
you have to be born. You have to have passion, duty and self-discipline, as well as strength,
determination, the ability to make decisions, sometimes difficult ones. You can’t be afraid of risk either
give up when obstacles, difficulties or setbacks arise. Everyone sooner or later
later he encounters them on his way. However, a born entrepreneur is optimistic, sometimes a little
incorrect. He is not afraid of risk, has a lot of courage, but also common sense. And
although many things can be learned, in my opinion the key to success in business is the right ones
predispositions and character traits, i.e. talent.

Please tell us about the beginnings of your activity.

Where did it all start? It started with a dream. I knew since I was a child that I would be
cared for sick people. When I opened my first company, BetaMed SA
dealing with home medical care, I didn’t even realize that I was hitting the market
niche. I just wanted to help people. In the beginning, it was a small company located in
two rooms and employing 1-2 people. I used to work with patients myself, I went to see them
directly. Over time, step by step, the company grew and gradually developed. Today BetaMed SA
is the largest company in Poland in terms of long-term care. I have 91 branches in 11
provinces. I employ 3,250 people, including doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. Every day this
a staff of people goes to the field to care for the sick, and a staff of wonderful people in offices
it all coordinates and manages. I also still try to be close to patients. One of
One of the most important elements of our activity is running a care and treatment facility for seniors.
I know most of the residents by name. I often visit them, talk to them, hug them. I want,
make them feel loved, pampered and cared for. I also make sure that the staff are people
caring and devoted, those who have empathy and a vocation to serve patients.

You opened your second company in a completely different industry…

Yes! Because I was so busy developing BetaMed SA that I didn’t even have time to buy new clothes. So I decided to open
own shop (laughs). I named him Dono da Scheggia. Scheggia is Italian for splinter, and full
the name of the shop is “Gift from Splinter”. And another my way to bring joy and pleasure to others,
as if giving them beautiful things of excellent quality and in a beautiful place. For me it is too
a kind of springboard, my hobby that opened my eyes to the world. I started flying planes for new ones
collections, participate in fashion shows, go to Milan, Paris, Vienna, London or
Dubai. I remembered that the world is beautiful and interesting and you can’t focus on just one
company. That’s why I flew to the USA and there, in Miami, I was tempted again to open another store,
this time with electronics. Why electronics? I have the mind of an entrepreneur, I watched
so I looked at the market and checked what it needs There was a lot of interest at the time
telephones, computers and electronic devices. And so BetaNest Electronic was born.

When I was in the USA, I was offered to participate in a Polish-American economic mission. For a few
I participated in these missions for many years, I traveled with Polish entrepreneurs to Nevada, and American ones
we brought to Poland. These four years of my private giving, traveling to Las Vegas
– and also to Chile, Peru, to help Nevada develop – the Nevada authorities noted and I received from
their hands the title of Nevada Business Ambassador. The governor of Nevada liked the clinic very much
BetaMed SA, as a company with a mission to bring help, care and love to people. That’s why I decided that
I will open BetaMed International in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put my activities on hold for now,
but I hope to develop it again now.

However, this is not the last of your companies…

I always have new ideas, sometimes I even surprise myself with them! One of my dreams was to create
laser therapy and aesthetic medicine clinics. I called it Drazga Clinic, First of all, we treat
various diseases, and at the same time we have at our disposal all the most modern treatments
aesthetic. We help people suffering from urinary incontinence, there are gynecological procedures and
combating excessive sweating. In addition, of course, treatments that take care of the whole body and face at
using the latest devices available on the market. I even bought another two months ago
two very expensive devices that no one in my area has yet. I created a place
beautiful decor, in which clients feel like queens and leave delighted with the effects. You
work in various industries, in many countries – your new company has recently started operating in Miami
real estate industry. This takes a lot of time and energy.

How do you manage to keep everything under control?

Perfect organization is the key. And the more responsibilities we have, the more we need
be orderly. My calendar is full to the brim, and I often start meetings very much
early morning. I make my plan precisely and stick to it, which does not mean that I fail
changes (laughs). It is important to be able to organize your time well, sometimes to give up
some matters or meetings for those more important, requiring urgent settlement.

It is also important to have good co-workers. What qualities do you appreciate in these people?
the most?

It is very important for me that the person I work with is honest and capable
talk openly, if necessary – discuss and even argue. This is how you get to the best
solutions. I believe that people with similar energy and similar empathy should be selected for work. Important,
that we understand each other and respect each other. Regardless of whether you are employed
one person or several thousand, you have to be humble and respect people.

Outside of work, which is undoubtedly your passion, do you find time for hobbies and relaxation? Where do you rest best?
and “charges the batteries”?

I don’t like to be bored, so I’m still developing. I am studying – recently graduated
MBA, PhD, and recently enrolled at Stanford University. I attend conferences
on new technologies to explore the secrets of artificial intelligence. If only time for it
allows me, I try to develop my passions, which are: painting, poetry, playing the piano. I love
dance. I hope to return to tennis soon. Besides, I love to travel and explore
new people. And the plane is the place where I rest best. There I am out of reach
I have my phone turned off and a few hours to myself. What I care about most is that
spend time with family, meet friends, go on vacation together. I love doing them
surprises – it’s also my passion!