Manager Report – With a passion for success

Manager Report – With a passion for success

Beata Drzazga, a woman of inspiration, known not only in Poland, but also internationally as a visionary entrepreneur, talks about how to create success with heart. From an early age, he has been determined to pursue his vision of improving the world for the benefit of humanity.

Do you feel more comfortable in the company of men or women at work?

I do not attach importance to gender, because I believe that in business talent, diligence and entrepreneurship has no gender. Whether someone is successful depends on determination and skill, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. I grew up at a time when decision-making positions were dominated by men, which made it difficult for women to gain recognition in certain fields. It was frustrating at times, but I didn’t want to give in to limitations. Business should not be dominated by any gender, and aptitude and interests should be key in determining career direction. Often women have internal dilemmas about whether they will be able to reconcile professional success with their role as mothers. The environment can sometimes be unsupportive, suggesting that women should focus on family instead of career. This often discourages some of us and causes doubts about our abilities. But I keep saying – we should not give up. Everyone, regardless of gender, can be inspired by each other, share experiences and support each other in the pursuit of goals. Business and personal life can be reconciled if we organize ourselves well and manage our time effectively. Being an entrepreneur provides great satisfaction and constant learning, which is an inspiration for our children. It is important for us to believe in ourselves and our own abilities, no matter what challenges we face. Success is achievable for anyone who makes an effort and continuously develops their skills. Especially when we approach something with heart.

You have created several strong brands and a company in the healthcare sector with as many as 91 subsidiaries in Poland, please tell your success story.

From an early age, I was moved by older people. I was a visionary, imagining a beautiful world where they are taken care of and loved. I thought that when they got to the hospital, they were safe there. Years later, the reality turned out to be different, because what I saw working in hospitals and medical facilities was far from my imagination. Although the staff was often beyond reproach, unfortunately the whole system of care was lame. The sight of patients standing in long lines and doctors who were late aroused my disappointment and opposition. Also working hard myself, I began to rebel that I could not provide a decent living for my children because my wages were so low. Nevertheless, working in health care was still my dream. Today, when I teach at the Medical Academy, I always emphasize what is important in this industry: that is, empathy. Without it in this profession, you can quickly burn out. In the company I created, the standard is that patients are approached with love. That is why BetaMed SA has been so successful in the market. Personally, I always feel sadness when I see patients fading away, so I wanted to give them a dignified life and a lot of love in the last stage. Older people are very important to me to this day, so I try to provide them with joy and a sense of being loved, important. Realizing my visions in every venture I innovate. I often have new ideas on how to improve working and living conditions. I also try to arrange something special for employees – working a few hours shorter on Fridays, time off for birthdays, and even extra vacation days for medical checkups. At conferences for entrepreneurs, I encourage competition for who will be a better employer, who will be able to give their employees happiness. After all, we are the ones who shape our own companies and have the power to positively influence the lives of others. I have always been motivated by the desire to create something unique. I want to be a pioneer, making positive changes that will contribute to a better life on Earth.

Being a woman in business, do you happen to feel any prejudice against the fair sex?

Fortunately, I have only experienced this situation a few times in 23 years. Unfortunately, some men, feeling their own undervaluation, did not want to accept that I was running a serious business. Perhaps they only readily accepted the image of a woman providing minor care services. They were not ready to accept the changes that have taken place in a world where women not only care about their appearance, but are also educated in various fields and run serious businesses. The recipe for not succumbing to these prejudices was to focus on his business and hard work. I achieved significant success in the field of long-term care, and later in other ventures.

For a long time I did not want to boast about my achievements, precisely for the sake of not having my business skills undermined, but all the time I pursued my goals. Once at a congress I heard a compliment that read: “Beata, you are the best of us, and we thought you were married to one of the gentlemen invited”. It seems that there is still a myth that a woman who cares about her appearance must only be a wife who takes care of herself, her children and stays at home. My success often attracts the attention of people who assume in advance that everything I have achieved was “given” to me by my husband, and I should add that I am not married. However, I am proud of what I have accomplished and the fact that I employ more than 3,200 people. I am constantly developing professionally and achieving more goals. Among other things, I currently serve as dean of the medical faculty at the Upper Silesian Academy in Katowice, and this role gives me great satisfaction and confirmation that everything I do makes sense.

Beata Drzazga, an outstanding entrepreneur, philanthropist, source of inspiration and mentor in the business world. She is a leading speaker at both Polish and international conferences in the fields of medicine, management and economics. Her impressive achievements have been recognized with more than 270 prestigious awards and prizes, which she has won not only domestically, but also on the international stage.

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