Manager Report: the power of female entrepreneurship

Manager Report: the power of female entrepreneurship

Beata Drzazga – a talented entrepreneur, business advisor and life mentor, has proven more than once the power of female success. She is the recipient of more than 260 prestigious awards and honors that recognize both her business and philanthropic achievements. As founder of BetaMed SA, the largest company in Poland specializing in long-term patient care, she has gained international recognition. He is the founder of several other companies in Poland and around the world. Its success attracts invitations to speak at economic and medical conferences around the world.


Are we born an entrepreneur or is it taught to us by life experience?

I believe that there is no way to learn the specific qualities that are naturally present in entrepreneurial people. You have to be born with them. Although the principles of business can be assimilated, but certain qualities that characterize entrepreneurs, according to my observations, are given to us with talent and character traits.

In your opinion, is the power of entrepreneurship more often manifested by men?

This question often comes up during panel discussions in which I participate as a motivational speaker. Mostly these meetings revolve around the topic of strong women and men who are frequent guests, When the topic of women’s strength in business is raised and even the term “strength is a woman” is used, I always emphasize that one should be careful with such statements, as they have strong feminist overtones. I think both men and women manage very well. Fortunately, more and more women in Poland are developing their careers and managing companies. However, I don’t think this is the result of a change in society itself, but mainly the systemic transformation of the world, where the role of a woman was limited to being a housewife or a worker in a field or factory, to a democratic state, where everyone has an equal right to play the role that suits them best.

What are your favorite values?

My main values are humility and empathy. I live by the principle that says, “Success is that while being successful, you continue to remain yourself.” I’m glad that despite my achievements, I haven’t changed – I still look at people with care, wanting to help them. I always try to make this help selfless. Humility and empathy are qualities that I consider crucial – not only empathy toward other people, but also toward animals. I also passed these values on to my children, because for me another important value is family. My goal has always been to raise children who will respect other people and have an open heart for all living beings.

You are known for hugging the people around you. What is the reason for such a need in you?

My tendency to show tenderness and cordiality stems from a deep-rooted empathy. This inner need to be close to people is a part of my personality maturing since childhood. When I meet a person who needs support, understanding or comfort, I feel a strong urge to hug them. This also applies to my employees, with whom I am very connected, and I feel that there is mutual understanding and affection between us. In our company, employees are not treated as machines, but as valuable team members. If they are with me for many years, showing a commitment that exceeds my expectations, I feel that they especially deserve my respect and affection, which is best expressed by a gesture of hugging. I do the same with patients in my clinic – I can’t help but show them closeness. When I look at them, I don’t judge their appearance, but I see their soul and I want them to know how important they are to me. This desire to hug also applies to people I’ve only just met, but who are on a similar wavelength to me.

Do you need an intuition for people and their intentions to succeed in business, or do you rely more on experience?

I use both of these tools. Over the years, I have learned who to surround myself with and who to avoid. Now it’s easy for me to recognize it. I always choose people who exude sincerity and warmth. I surround myself with positive people and immediately recognize those who are selfish or insincere, both in a personal and professional context. I am very sensitive to this, because in the past I have repeatedly experienced the negative consequences of my being too quick to trust people. However, it would be untrue if I said that I can’t forgive people’s mistakes and flaws. I can accept people with their flaws and weaknesses. I know we all have them in us, but that is not the main problem. The problem is intent. These bad intentions. I don’t tolerate them, and I think no one likes it when they try to take advantage of us, and if it happens, I find it unforgivable.

Source: Manager Report