Manager Report – Sustainability and building a sustainable business

Manager Report – Sustainability and building a sustainable business

In today’s ever-changing business environment, entrepreneurs must be ready for all sorts of challenges. Technological IT innovations, changing market trends, competition and customer expectations are just some of the factors that shape modern business. However, every challenge brings with it the opportunity for growth and success, provided you are properly prepared and flexible. Beata Drzazga shares her thoughts on how entrepreneurs can cope in today’s world of dynamic changes in business.

What are the most important challenges currently facing entrepreneurs in the changing economic environment?

Beata Drzazga: Today, entrepreneurs are faced with a number of challenges with a dynamically changing economic environment. One of the key challenges of IT is the increasing competition, which forces us to constantly improve our products and services. In addition, technology is evolving at a dizzying pace, which can make it difficult to adapt to new tools and solutions. It is also worth paying attention to the changing expectations of customers, who increasingly value personalized experiences and corporate social responsibility.

What is your advice to entrepreneurs who want to succeed?

Beata Drzazga: Definitely the most important thing is to be flexible and ready for change. It is worth investing all the time in developing your IT skills and competencies, as well as monitoring new trends and technologies that may affect our industry. Qualified personnel who are familiar with the market and instruments regarding new technologies and AI are needed. It is also important to build solid business relationships and keep employees engaged. It is committed employees and loyal customers that are the key to sustained success.

What do you think is most important in building a sustainable business position?

Beata Drzazga: The most important factor in building a sustainable position in business is, first of all, to be open to the novelties that we can offer customers and combine this with quality and ahead of the competition. In addition, values such as integrity, trust and business ethics are the foundation of long-term relationships with both customers and employees.

Do you see any specific challenges related to sustainability and social responsibility in business?

Beata Drzazga: Yes, sustainability and social responsibility are now key challenges for many companies. As society becomes more environmentally and socially conscious, expectations for companies are rising. Companies must now not only provide products and services, but also consider the impact of their operations on the environment and society.

One of the challenges is to understand and implement sustainable business practices that take into account environmental protection, minimizing CO2 emissions and reducing waste. This often involves investment in greener technologies, which can generate costs but also have benefits in the long run.

Social responsibility is also becoming a key element of business strategy. Companies are increasingly judged by their community involvement, ethical practices and fair working conditions. A commitment to sustainability and social responsibility can help a company build a positive image and win customer loyalty.

It is worth noting that these challenges not only benefit society and the environment, but can also contribute to a company’s long-term success by increasing competitiveness, attracting investors and building strong relationships with stakeholders.

What do you think is the key factor that will allow companies to survive and thrive in a dynamic business environment?

Beata Drzazga: A key factor that I think is extremely important is the ability to constantly adapt and learn. In a dynamic business environment where change is inevitable, companies must be flexible and ready to innovate. This doesn’t just apply to technology or products, but also to processes, strategy and customer approach. Companies that are able to respond to changing market conditions, adapt quickly to new trends and invest in developing the competencies of their team have a better chance of surviving and growing. The pursuit of excellence in the area of customer service is also key, as satisfied customers often become brand ambassadors and contribute to a company’s success. In summary, adaptability, innovation and attention to customer relationships are the foundation for long-term success in a dynamic business environment.

Beata Drzazga – a talented entrepreneur, business advisor and life mentor, has proven more than once the power of female success. She is the recipient of more than 260 prestigious awards and honors that recognize both her business and philanthropic achievements. As founder of BetaMed SA, the largest company in Poland specializing in long-term patient care, she has gained international recognition. He is the founder of several other companies in Poland and around the world. Its success attracts invitations to speak at economic and medical conferences around the world.

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