Manager Report – Strong women save the world

Manager Report – Strong women save the world

Beata Drzazga is a representative of the business, which has been much talked about in the ending 2023 She has appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines and, as a speaker, at many conferences. Her professional career can be an inspiration and a driving force for all those who dream
About professional success and their own businesses. It is hard to imagine a better candidate for the Manager Award, which she received this year. Summing up the year, the chapter of the “Manager” award decided to award her the Grand Prix, recognizing Beata Drzazga as Manager of the Year 2023. In light of this, we asked the awardee about her recent ventures and plans for the coming months and years

Wzi recently attended the Vital Voices Global Partnership conference, sponsored by the 2016 US presidential candidate – Hilary Clinton.

I admire her work for women’s rights, which is why I decided to become the first Polish woman to become a donor to the Vital Voices Global Partnership. Warto wspomnieć, że VVGP założyły w 1997 r. Hilary Clinton i Madeleine Albright, była amerykańska sekretarz stanu. This year’s twenty-second conference was held at New York’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The organization is known worldwide for bringing together activists committed to róbearingci p³³ and supporting women in business. Bardzo podoba mi się idea VVGP, mówiąca, że silne kobiety ratują świat. During the conference I had the opportunity to meet female leaders from many countriesów, exchange experiences and omówill make plans for the near future

Who was recognized by VVGP this year?

The Global Trailblazer Award went to American director, screenwriter and film producer Ava DuVernay, among others, for films about human rights and racial equality. Also awarded were: Inna Braverman – climate activist and social entrepreneur, Hellen Lunkuse – dealing with gender-based violence, Sara Minkara – activist for the rights of people with disabilities, and Enass Muzamel known for her commitment to peace and women’s rights. With someóto which I had the opportunity to speak at a gala dinner in a closed group of twenty people. Participation in this conference was an interesting experience not only for me, but also for a TVN journalist, who went to America with me to prepare film on the situation of women in the world.

Given your own experience, you may have been in your element in the company of strong female leaders.

Activists from Vital Voices run training and mentoring programs, helping women develop skills to bringófrom business management, promoting innovation and sexuality. I believe that this type of activity should be strongly promoted in our country as well. Thanks to Vital Voices initiatives, thousands of women from around the world have gained support. Worth mentioning are the Global Mentoring Walks, an annual initiative that encourages women leaders to mentor younger generations to help them to grow professionally and achieve ambitious goals. This idea is particularly close to my heart. I often receive messages from people I have encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and fight for their dreams. My example proves that anything is possible. Being in an uneasy situation, raising children alone, I took on a serious business challenge. I opened a company that quickly grew, then launched another venture. And Nothing was able to stop me.

You invest a lot of time and energy to inspire women and men to self-development.

I am convinced that success has to be shared. That’s why I don’t refuse to participate in numerous conferences, attend meetings of entrepreneurship clubs, such as BCC. I recently took part in a panel with Dorota Wellman and talked for two hours about my professional experiences. I firmly believe that we, strong women, really change the world. I try not to limit my activity to our country. I have been to Azerbaijan twice. The country’s authorities offered me the position of honorary consul in Poland. Naturally, I serve as Nevada’s business ambassador all the time. From Washington, after the conference, I flew to Las Vegas to meet with John Petkus, honorary consul of the Republic of Poland. We talked about new prospects for cooperation with Polish business. I then traveled to Miami at the invitation of Blanca Rosenstiel, director of the American Institute of Polish Culture and president of the Chopin Foundation in the United States, which has been conducting large-scale charitable work for many years. I look forward to helping her prepare for the charity ball, which she is organizing for the fifty-second time. It is worth mentioning that this ninety-year-old lady from Poland is an extremely creative and active person.

Do you still find time for scientific activities?

I am the dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Upper Silesian University of Wojciech Korfanty, where I give lectures for nurses. This is an important part of life activity for me and I intend to expand my qualifications in this field. I recently received a message from prof. Peter Moncarz of Stanford University that I have been accepted to a management degree program, which I will begin next March. But that’s not all. I also received confirmation of the opening of my doctoral dissertation in Geneva.

What does your current business and community involvement look like?

Zbudowana przeze mnie od podstaw firma BetaMed od dwóch lat jest częścią francuskiej korporacji Air Liquide Healthcare, światowego lidera w dziedzinie gazów medycznych i domowej opieki zdrowotnej. I retained 20 percent. shares and I am on the board of directors of the company. Merging with a large international entity is a natural stage of business development. While I remain involved in BetaMed activities, I have a little more time for my other ventures, such as fashion company Dono Da Scheggia. I am just going to Milan at the invitation of the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana to see the new collection. I also run Drzazga Clinic, providing services in laser therapy, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, but also laser gynecology. I opened a real estate company in Spain, using the experience I gained in this field in Miami. I have high hopes for the recently established Beata Drzazga Foundation, which is supposed to combine all my social and philanthropic activities that I have been doing for 12 years. She will be supported in this by Global Impact. Independently, I contribute to the Entrepreneurship Club and the #byckobietaontour! project, and regularly participate in meetings with young people interested in entrepreneurship. I am happy when I hear how many women and men after meeting with me believed in themselves, changed their jobs and are satisfied with what they are doing. I make no secret of the fact that it moves me and motivates me to do more when they say, “You were my inspiration.”

interviewed by Piotr Cegłowski

Beata Drzazga – a talented entrepreneur, business advisor and life mentor, has proven more than once the power of female success. She is the recipient of more than 260 prestigious awards and honors that recognize both her business and philanthropic achievements. As founder of BetaMed SA, the largest company in Poland specializing in long-term patient care, she has gained international recognition. He is the founder of several other companies in Poland and around the world. Its success attracts invitations to speak at economic and medical conferences around the world.

Source: Manager Report