Manager Report – Sharing the good gives me the strength to act

Manager Report – Sharing the good gives me the strength to act

I am constantly learning, I have just taken up another study. Development is very important to me. I would like to inspire people and show them how to run a successful business. Show that you should not be afraid of failures, but pick yourself up and move forward. I want to make their lives easier. This is my dream,” says Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed SA

You are known for your many professional successes: BetaMed SA, Drzazga Clinic – laser therapy and aesthetic medicine clinic, fashion salon “Dono da Scheggia”, BetaMed International in Las Vegas, two BetaNest Electronic stores in Miami and other projects. However, the lady does not limit herself to business, but also develops herself academically, writing a doctoral thesis. How do you put it all together? Where do you get your energy from?

By giving love to people, I get the same and that motivates me. It makes me happy. I am a creative and active person. I don’t like to be bored, so I’m always planning what new things I can do, what to create, what to get involved in, and how to make it all happen. I’m passionate about it. Even now, when I talk to you, I have a notebook next to me, where I write down ideas and plan future initiatives.

What inspired you to create an activity that primarily targets seniors?

Since I was a child, I have dreamed of being close to people. I wanted to take care of them and hug them. After 11 years of working at the hospital, I decided that I had so much creativity, energy and enthusiasm that I should create my own facility. I wanted to show how you can love people and make them comfortable. And so it began. I started with ozone therapy because it seemed the most modern. To begin with two rooms, well maybe four, later it turned out that the whole floor was needed. And so gradually the company grew, and I realized my dream. I think each of us has a vocation, something we want to do. I always wanted to work in health care, because it meant being close to people for me.

One often hears that Poland is not friendly to seniors, that support for them is insufficient. What do you think about it?

I am very sad about this. I independently built a building in which I made, among other things, a spa for seniors or clubhouses – it’s a beautiful glass house. People call me, they say, “Mrs. Beata, my mother, my father would very much like to live with you,” I say, “There are no vacancies!”. I could build five more of these buildings and there still wouldn’t be enough. It’s hard for me to say no to people. Besides, people don’t have the money to pay several thousand a month to stay in a nursing home. In turn, for the owner of such a facility, 5,000 zlotys is not enough, because you have to pay qualified staff, provide and maintain adequate infrastructure, and so the vicious circle turns. The elderly are poor, they don’t have a secure old age like German pensioners.

Don’t you happen to feel helpless? After all, you can’t help everyone…

Certainly, I devote a great deal of time and finances to helping others. Even my employees tell me, “Mom, you’re not going to save the world!”, but all the time someone is asking me to help because something bad is happening to someone, so I help and get involved. I see or read that someone has cancer, that they need money for treatment – I donate, and I feel happy. I imagine how terrible it is for that person. But I also know that I can’t help everyone who writes to me.

The lady is eager to impart her knowledge. What is the key to success that is not easy to achieve in business?

I always tell young people who ask about how to succeed in business that they need to make an effort and work hard. For me, success means establishing a company that is profitable, growing all the time and operating for a long time in the market. Like a mantra I repeat: the key to success is diligence. You have to plan for yourself: I’m doing it until it’s done. If it is going to be a “half whistle” job then it is better not to undertake it. You also need to have an idea. It doesn’t have to be an idea for something completely novel. As in my case where I worked in health care, but all the time I was thinking about what people expect, what they need. I wanted to do something better, to do something that wasn’t on the market. I started by hiring kind and empathetic people. I wanted the conditions in the rooms to be of the highest possible standard, so that these sick people would feel comfortable with me. I would be happy to work at the reception desk myself. I hire the employees myself and tell them right away: “Please answer the phone as if I were doing it. Speak to people warmly and kindly,” because everyone, especially the sick, needs love, a sense of security and understanding. In conclusion, in order to be successful you have to do your work with enthusiasm, to the best of your ability, and unfortunately you have to work very hard from morning to evening, especially at the beginning. People sometimes start companies and immediately expect unknown profits. I say, “That’s not how you start!” Work, dedication, responsibility, wise decisions, you also need to be able to win over people, respect them – this is the foundation of success.

You have already achieved so much and you are still involved in so many projects. What are your goals for the future? What else do you want to do? What does he dream about?

I would like to share my time with others, because it is the greatest gift we can give to another person. Our time is our life, right? For several years I have been attending many economic conferences, participating in economic missions, co-organizing meetings about new technologies, artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley, Washington or Singapore. This gives me great pleasure, because I get to know new trends and people. But I also know that I am transmitting energy, love to people, telling them about how I created my career, and I see that they are happy that my words affect their lives, the way they think. That’s why my dream is to continue attending these meetings. My children say, “Mom, you were supposed to rest already, and you are working even more!”. I don’t stop developing. I want to continue to motivate men and women and show them how to succeed in business. Explain to them not to be afraid, that sometimes you have to pick up quickly from a fall and move forward. I want them to have it easier. This is my dream.

Source: Manager Report