– Work life balance : work-life harmony – Work life balance : work-life harmony

Beata Drzazga entrepreneur, creator, owner and president of many companies in Poland and abroad, expert in management. She told us about how she takes care of harmony and balance in her life.

Do entrepreneurs involved in creating large companies like BetaMed S.A. have time to relax and unwind?

As the person responsible for creating BetaMed S.A. from scratch, I rarely allowed myself to do sweet nothing. It’s not in my nature, I just have such a character. I can’t sit idle at home for long, because I quickly get bored with monotony. Although I enjoy cooking and cleaning, I don’t allow myself extended periods of rest, except when I had my children. Being a mom, of course, one can find fulfillment and joy in the role of hostess and mother. This role is extremely demanding and never ends. However, I personally love new challenges. I like to work on different fronts and come home tired but satisfied that I spent the day productively. As for my way of relaxing, I love to redecorate and create new decor in my home. I also enjoy a beautiful garden and love arranging outdoor space. I listen to my body and when I feel the need to rest, I tell myself “stop” and let go of work for a few days. Then I focus on spending time with my family and my dogs in my home. Usually, even when resting, I like to spend time actively. In addition, I love to travel and fly by plane. Being among many people never tires me out. I also believe that the ability to organize work so that both I and my employees have time for leisure is the mark of a good entrepreneur. After a vacation, when we return to the office, we always have new energy to work and new ideas in our heads.

In creating and developing such a large company as BetaMed S.A., I must always be ready for action and challenges.

What are the most common sacrifices involved in achieving spectacular business success?

Achieving spectacular business success often involves certain sacrifices, especially when it comes to our free time and quiet life. I am sure that many people, including myself, have experienced the need to abandon a more leisurely pace of life. In the business world, everything happens dynamically, and we must always be ready for unforeseen changes and challenges. Every hour in the day becomes a valuable resource for us, which we use effectively toward achieving our goals. Sacrifices can include lack of time to relax and unwind, limiting time spent with family and friends, and dedication to work and business development activities.

How can we effectively communicate to the family that our work requires time and commitment, and develop an understanding of our professional responsibilities?

You just have to talk to them a lot. Thanks to our commitment to work, our children will have the opportunity to study at reputable universities and go on vacation more often, unlike when a parent works full-time, where only limited vacation is available. Also, I have noticed that when I only have evenings off, I carefully plan this time so that I can spend it with my loved ones. I focus on having conversations, listening to their needs and having meals together. What is truly important to me is the quality of time spent with my family, not the quantity.

How can work-life balance be achieved for those starting out in business?

For those starting out as entrepreneurs, achieving work-life balance requires a gradual process of learning and adjustment. In the beginning, when you create your company, it is natural to become completely involved in it. The entrepreneur should be an example to others, showing commitment to the project and motivating team members. However, you can never put the company completely in the hands of a substitute. It’s always important to maintain control over what’s going on in the company, even during vacations or vacations.