Intuition in business

Intuition in business

Success in business is the sum of many elements. Experience, passion, luck, perseverance, determination, but also intuition. Because if we are quite “green” in business, but we want to start working at home, the first thing we must trust is our intuition.

It is worth starting with what we know, what we do best, what we specialize in. This does not only apply to our professional sphere, but also to our hobby, because let us remember that our interests can also become our gateway to success.

How to start our adventure? It’s worth starting in the simplest way possible. Look around: who is our ally, who can help us. And it’s not just about finances or experience, but more about mental support so that we don’t give up and implement our idea of ​​self-reliance and independence, of being our own boss.

I often observe those who want to start a business or are at the beginning of this road, I see that they lack this support from family or friends, there are people who believe that we will succeed. At conferences and meetings, people come up to me and ask how I made it. So I say that they should gather positive people around them, supporting their ideas, keeping their fingers crossed for them.

We also need to start a broader perception of what we do, because not only do we build mental support for ourselves, but also in the future we can count on the foundations of our word-of-mouth marketing created in this way. Who but not favorable people can support us in informing about our activities. There is nothing better than a spontaneous command. Before we launch a promotion through commercial channels, it is worth taking advantage of such help.

The industry in which I operate requires building and maintaining positive relationships with people. And again, I don’t just mean patients, but how I relate to the environment, to employees, translates into how they behave towards their charges, contractors, clients, etc. This carries on. Let’s not blame our people for not working efficiently, that they are not effective, not engaged enough, maybe it is us managers who do not show them how they should behave, do not convey our idea, our idea of ​​how they should react, how to respond how much to get involved.

Returning to the title – is intuition necessary in business? I will answer yes. I can confidently say that when deciding to implement my next ventures, I let myself be carried away by my intuition, the instinct that tells me whether it is worth it. For example, if I hire an employee, I want to get to know him beforehand, I want to know who I will be working with, how he will greet me, how he will behave, how to answer questions, how to move, how to react? This gives me the opportunity to meet for the first time and feel whether I see this person in my team, whether I want them to work for me, whether I want them to represent me, because each of my people, each of my employees is a showcase of my company, and therefore also He represents me through his behavior and attitude.

Am I wrong? Well, only those who do nothing don’t make mistakes, but of course I strive for perfectionism to minimize failure. Am I taking a risk? Of course, that’s what growing and building more great companies is all about. Business and risk is an opportunity to succeed. Intuition, commitment, ambition are the way to this success. And perseverance and unconventionality is a guarantee of success. When running a company, you have to face obstacles and changes, and mainly in 75% you solve problems, but it’s worth that 25 percent. satisfaction and contentment.