In business, action and development are important, but the most important thing is humanity

In business, action and development are important, but the most important thing is humanity

BEATA DRZAZGA The owner and founder of BetaMed S.A., Dono da Scheggia, Drzazga Clinic,
BetaMed International, BetaNest Electronic, BetaInvest Miami

She has been running his own business for almost 22 years. Founder and President of the Management Board of BetaMed S.A., in which
employs over 3,200 people in 91 branches in 11 Polish provinces, as well as BetaMed
International in Las Vegas, USA. Owner of the Drzazga laser therapy and aesthetic medicine clinic
Clinic and the Dono da Scheggia fashion showroom. Founder of BetaInvest Miami and BetaNest stores
in Miami. A graduate of 7 fields of study. Dean of the medical faculty of the University
of Upper Silesia in Katowice. An expert in the field of healthcare management. A speaker for many
Polish and international economic and medical conferences. Participant of the mission
economic, incl. in Nevada, California, Peru, Chile, China. She received the title of Ambassador
Nevada business. Winner of over 200 prestigious awards and distinctions awarded in the arena


I admire you for the natural freedom to talk about your achievements. Is it good
especially for a woman that he talks a lot about himself, about his successes?

Talk about your achievements. We, Poles, sometimes perceive it as unnatural because
we were brought up under communism, where we read it as bragging. And we’re supposed to talk about it
what we gain, what we do, because it is true. Meanwhile, we are forced to see better
artificial modesty. Everyone has the right to develop, be successful, do something for people and at the same time
talk about it. I cook and bake, but most of all I develop my qualities and talents in business, too
in a feminine beautiful way. I feel free, I am a person who will not allow myself to be limited and wait for
permission from anyone. If women are successful, others very often think it’s for her
a man is successful. In my case, I hear that since I have a great clinic, then
I probably have a husband, a doctor, and he works for this success, and I am only the president by name. It is
not so. I have not had a husband for years and no one can accuse me of the fact that my clinic was created by a man and
responsible for its success. Construction of BetaMed S.A. I started out as a divorced woman with two
children and I was doing great. I develop because nobody limits me, I am not disturbed
action and I can study, open a company or travel at any time.

You are an example of how women are sometimes judged. If she is successful in business and she is alone, then
they say she must be unhappy because she has no husband. Will you agree with me?

Of course. Sometimes I hear: “Your work has worked out, but your life has not worked out.” Always there
I want to laugh at the moment because I am free and fulfilled. And that doesn’t mean I won’t have a husband or
partner in your life, because there are many candidates. It’s just a matter of time and choice, because why stick in
bad relationships. There are many unhappy women who are stuck in marriages and deep down
they wish to be free and happy. We are made to have a soul mate, share feelings,
but if my partner is going to brake, I don’t want it. It’s supposed to be someone who develops the way I do
she could marvel and admire such a person. I am impressed by strict minds, scientists, and wise people.

How do you understand feminism?

As for feminism, I believe that we require men to treat us equally, as partners.
It is important that a woman has the opportunity to develop in similar high positions as men.
However, let’s not confuse it, because a woman is to be a woman, and a man is to be a man, so let us delight
be your partner, your partner, let’s admire men, let’s not treat them as losers,
and let men continue to let women through the door and be gentlemen everywhere. Feminism
has its limits. We cannot allow it to be like in some countries where a woman goes
five behind the donkey. There must be a golden mean in everything. Let us remember that a woman can be there then
queen when she treats a man like a king.

You mentioned scientists. The lady is also involved in scientific work and continues to develop hers

Yes. I am currently working on my PhD. I love learning, I have finished seven courses
I am very proud that I have been working as the dean of the medical faculty for a year
Upper Silesian Academy. I pass on my passion for being a good nurse to my students
or a nurse. I tell them that if they don’t love another person, they don’t have empathy and they don’t
they feel that they want to serve other people, but to serve in such a beautiful dignified way, let them not go
for this profession. I explain to students what real communication with the patient should look like, that
when you take the patient’s hand, inform him what you will do, for example: “please don’t be afraid, now
I will put on your canopy, I will prick a little … ”. Be loved to people, pet them, say everything
It’ll be all right. My students respond wonderfully and ensure they do so and communicate these
rules to colleagues at work. With my life and work, I set an example of what the service should look like
health. My dream is for everyone to see and benefit from what I’m talking about. I cry out to the world
that sick people must not be mistreated. In my clinic, we give love, respect and attention to other
people. Because proper treatment opens people to treatment, and thus pulls them out
illnes. The person under the respirator begins to feel better and walk better. It is beautiful. Seniors
you can give love, look at them – not at a wrinkled face, but in the eyes and see their soul.

It’s beautiful what you say. However, business requires a hard hand. Like a lady – gentle, warm,
empathetic woman – can she cope?

I learned strong traits. In business, I make men understand that they should respect me
we treat each other equally. Secondly, I often come across noble and classy men and gentlemen. in
I talk to entrepreneurship clubs and inspire entrepreneurs, e.g. who to be a president and
I encourage them to love their employees, respect them, not “stick their nose” because
absolutely no one should be insulted or abused. Employees are not owned by the boss – they are at work.
Good treatment will be reciprocated with respect and exemplary cooperation. Also in the case of
negotiating with other entrepreneurs, when you need to have a strong hand, I negotiate very well, but
I always pay attention to whether or not I have used the person on the other side so that I can take it easy
to sleep. In business, action and development are important, but the most important thing is being human. Compete
quality, content, understanding the market, without hurting others. I compete in the market with quality
equal 100%. At BetaMed S.A. I have created beautiful conditions for patients, the clinic looks like
the most beautiful hotel. As you enter, you are greeted by the wonderful staff at the reception desk. I try myself
employ almost all people to work to make sure that they really have this love for
the other person within you. The quality of my companies – also Drzazga Clinic – is beautiful appearance,
professional service, having the greatest sensitivity and empathy, as well as top-class equipment
market. The latest collections are also offered in my exclusive Dono da Scheggia showroom
from the world’s fashion capitals, which are absent in Poland, and the service is at the highest level.

What is it like to live and work on two continents?

It is wonderful. When you are elsewhere, you have thoughts and you see what something looks like in
Poland, can it be introduced in Miami or elsewhere. I opened two stores in Miami with
electronics, recently also the BetaMed International clinic, and in September – 3 weeks ago, the company
related to real estate. In fact, for me, life on the other continent matters
people’s mentality. Latinos – both women and men – are extremely cheerful and cheerful.
They smile at each other, accost, praise that, for example, you have great high heels and nobody is
surprised and suspicious, as is sometimes the case in Poland. And I have just such a southern one
positive disposition. I don’t have to hold back with my openness and joy in life. At work on
different continents, and even in European countries, it is also important how we dress. I believe how
we have it in nature that we take care of ourselves, dress well, because we like it and have self-confidence,
then we can move mountains. When I’m in Italy, I try to dress elegantly, but
simple, minimalist. In Milan you have to be Coco Chanel – less is more. In Poland I have
their suits, high heels, dresses – clothes for all seasons. But if I were in Miami
she wore what in Europe, I would be perceived as “stiff”. There i have to have
t-shirts in beautiful colors and high heels. Elegance means different things in every country. Work is different
because mentality is different. And this is cool, because working on two continents, you have to be
flexible and be able to adapt to changes, change, and business is all about skills
adapting to change. Whoever adapts to changes faster succeeds faster. .
Is there any dream that you gave up? For example, I gave up on building a BetaMed network in
other countries. I thought I could do that. Once in Morocco, I had offers from mayors
cities for me to set up clinics. I was given land with orange trees, they showed how many there are
there young people and nurses. But I gave it up for two reasons. Someday someone
He said that people have to follow your ideas and strategy, and not me and this idea
people would keep up. I would have to be there, and that was impossible. The second reason was that I got to
the conclusion that people in their old age do not want to live in distant countries away from their children and grandchildren.
I understood that you do not build retirement homes in a remote area, and beautiful parks can be created in cities,
where it is close to hospitals and the family can come more often. Besides, around the old man
something should still be happening for a healthy mind to work. What seems beautiful to us,
it is not necessarily best for the elderly.

What would you like to say to the young women who enter into life? Before what would you

I would warn women against choosing not to follow the usual path in their life
old thinking that a Polish mother must stay at home with her children. If the parents or partner
advise on this issue, then let the women make up their own minds at the end. I want to say too
to all women, regardless of age, that if you want to change jobs even five times, then
do it because you decide about your own development. I am developing in different directions and I want to continue
do it. I go to new technology conferences, e.g. to Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley or to
Singapore, I’m interested in artificial intelligence, I once opened electronics stores. .
This is quite different from clinics and medicine, but I want to open up to what is new. Being recently in Palo
Alto, California I enrolled in another study at Stanford University. Let’s show it to people.
No partner or family has the right to stop anyone from personal development, and we do anyway
we will take care of the family. We should also remember that it is not possible to achieve everything at once. Let’s not look
far in the futre. You have to be able to enjoy every little step, every brick, thanks
of which a permanent wall is created.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to add humanity to healthcare. But first of all
my dream, unfortunately, is that there will be no more war. I could talk about many beautiful ones
dreams, but this is the most important thing at the moment. We can all see that if it had not been for the war, it could have been possible
keep doing many things. I faced many of my ideas, if only because I don’t know if
to build something else in Poland, if someone does not destroy it, because just like in Ukraine – someone did
plans, dreams, he built a house – the bomb has fallen and this house is gone. So I wish it was like
e.g. in 2018 or 2019, when there was no pandemic, high inflation, war …