Infor: The human face of the entrepreneur

Infor: The human face of the entrepreneur

Beata Drzazga, known as Woman Inspiration, shares her thoughts on achieving success and inspires others to work toward their own success. He talks about the importance of continuous learning and shares his thoughts on experiencing failures and learning valuable lessons from them.
What is your opinion on the role of the human face of the entrepreneur in achieving success, given that this may be an unusual approach in a business context?

As a speaker at various congresses, both in Poland and around the world, I often talk about how helping others and supporting them to succeed is extremely rewarding. I am an example of an entrepreneur who not only builds his own business, but also inspires and motivates other entrepreneurs. When I talk to both experienced entrepreneurs and those who are just beginning their journey, I emphasize that in addition to betting on the growth and profitability of the company, attention should also be paid to the people inside. Employees are a huge potential and value to the company. Therefore, it is important to invest energy in building relationships with them. I argue that in addition to the financial aspects and other business factors, it is important to engage in the development of employees, motivate them to perform their tasks with passion and provide support. I often emphasize that in difficult situations, as entrepreneurs, we should show our human side, so that employees see that we have doubts, but we make responsible decisions. That’s why I try to create an environment where employees can share ideas and participate in shaping the company’s strategy. This gives them a sense of being important creators and not just passive performers. My rebellious nature always mobilizes me, especially when someone says something is impossible. This trait also helps me to overcome difficulties and fight for my goals together with my employees. I believe that with a clear mission, goals and passion for what we do, we can find the right path to success. Self-discipline, commitment, perseverance and strong motivation are key factors in achieving success. Showing our human face as leaders does not lower the respect of employees, but builds authenticity and bonding. I am optimistic and believe that the world is becoming more aware of the importance of mutual respect, cordiality and justice. I believe that when we become better as people, we contribute to a better future for our civilization.

What proven methods do you use to maintain the ongoing commitment of employees working in companies?

Again, I would like to emphasize how important it is to be close to the people we employ. I personally participate in the recruitment process of my employees because I care about feeling the positive energy between us. I have a good intuition for people and can feel who I am dealing with after just a few sentences. I look for a spark in their eye that indicates their desire to grow with the company. I also observe their energy during the interview, as this is what reveals whether the person is ready to engage or will just sit out the hours. I meet many people who approach work in the same way I do, regardless of their role – always striving for excellence. They want to be good at what they do because it brings them intrinsic satisfaction and motivation for further development. But of course, as employers, we must lead by example. We should show commitment, interest in employees, their problems and achievements. At BetaMed SA, I employed more than 3,250 people and tried to know each of them personally, if possible, and take care of their needs. I also take great care to properly appreciate the commitment of my employees. My success is to see an employee joyfully get up in the morning, ready to work.

Despite achieving so much success, do you still feel the need to keep learning?

I believe that striving for continuous development and learning is extremely important, especially if we are motivated and derive satisfaction from expanding our knowledge. Continuing to learn allows us to expand our horizons and perspectives on how to manage and run a business. In today’s dynamic world, which is constantly evolving, there are new trends and innovations that are worth exploring. Even if we have already achieved some success, we are never wise enough to say that there is no longer something new for us to learn. Pursuing new competencies, both hard and soft, has become a pleasant habit for me. I believe that wisdom is an extremely powerful force. However, we acquire it not only through formal education, such as studies or courses. Equally valuable is the wisdom we gain through life experiences. Running a company for many years, we experience different situations. It is important to be prepared to make mistakes and to remember that the best lessons come from the moments when we have to pick ourselves up after a fall. Personally, I’m not afraid to make mistakes because I know it’s a natural part of the development and learning process.

What is your advice for dealing with setbacks and adversity?

I always emphasize that we do not always have control over what happens, nor can we predict all situations. What we influence is our attitude and reaction. We can break down or decide that we can handle it and that the situation has some deeper meaning. Personally, I am an optimist, and although I have met many difficulties, I know that panic and breakdown will not help. It is important to remain calm and able to manage emotions. In business, it is useful to surround yourself with different people who have different perspectives and skills. This helps us deal with difficult situations and make wise decisions.

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