How to reveal the layers of creativity

How to reveal the layers of creativity

Beata Drzazga, a businesswoman, speaker and business advisor, has learned the inside out about the American market, which is the cradle of global entrepreneurship. It employs over 3.2 thousand. people, running companies on two continents. He talks about his American experiences, as well as how he helps both young and experienced entrepreneurs who want to take their projects to a higher level and review and analyze their presence in business.

Several projects at once, regular trips, daily responsibility for huge businesses. Are you tired?
It happens, but it’s positive fatigue. Every day I do what I love, so I run several companies, incl. I am the founder and president of BetaMed S.A., I have my own Drzazga Clinic laser therapy clinic, as well as the Dono da Scheggia fashion salon. I am an active participant in science and at conferences. Recently, I was in Singapore at a scientific and technical conference, I am often in the United States, e.g. in Silicon Valley, where I participate in scientific conferences on new technologies and artificial intelligence. Currently, I am even considering investing in start-ups and AI. At various meetings, I meet amazing scientists, incl. the great Polish engineer and entrepreneur Janusz Bryzek, who is the creator and father of sensors used all over the world, e.g. in car tires, created nine great companies and sold them and opens new ones. It has been highly respected in the US and around the world for several decades. There is even a street in the United States named after him “Bryzek Way”. I also met an amazing Pole, a professor at Stanford, Piotr Moncarz, and many other businessmen and absolutely inspiring entrepreneurs. We exchange our experiences together and learn a lot from each other. Science is one of my greatest passions. That’s probably why I decided to run my own sessions and trainings.

For many years you have been running a business in the United States and you know the conditions there like hardly anyone. How are Americans doing in business?
Just like us. Americans have entrepreneurship in their blood, but in fact during the pandemic it was also really different, as it is with us. The most important are personality, mentality and a positive attitude. Such people look to the future faster, leaving failures behind. I am just like that. Also many people in Poland. This helps to overcome various crises in business. Business is not only about beautiful and peaceful days. That is why I want to teach entrepreneurs to take this approach to running a business.

You have a lot of merit in the exchange of experiences between Polish and American business. Thanks to your efforts and participation in economic missions between Poland and Nevada, entrepreneurs could see and learn a lot from people running their businesses. You got your Nevada Business Ambassador from Governor Brian Sandoval.
I have very good memories of that period. We connected Polish entrepreneurs with universities in Reno and business owners from Nevada. I worked closely with the American-Polish Chamber in Nevada, where I was a member. I worked with the Honorary Consul of Poland in Las Vegas, John Petkus, who led the Chamber and organized economic missions with Governor Brian Sandoval, as well as with his right-hand man Chris Sanchez, director of finance. Nevada’s economic development.
Thanks to these economic missions, cooperation was signed between Poland and Nevada. There, too, I was awarded the title of Nevada’s first Business Ambassador from the hands of the governor. Later in Poland, cooperation was also signed with Nevada in Katowice between Silesia and Nevada and, inter alia, with Lublin. Governor Brian Sandoval himself together with director Chris Sanchez and consul John Petkus visited my clinic BetaMed S.A., saw the beautiful conditions and a unique approach to the patient. I was pleased when the governor himself said: “Beata, you should open such a clinic and with such love in Nevada.”
A whole group of businessmen, including me, flew with the governor and Chris Sanchez on an economic mission to Chile and Peru. This mission was to work with businesses in these countries so that Nevada could develop further.


For me, as an entrepreneur in this mission, Nevada talks with hospitals and medical facilities were organized so that experiences and opportunities for cooperation could be exchanged. It also gave me another, new perspective on world markets.

How did it start in Poland?
I had quite a few obstacles along the way. Financing to start? Almost none. Know-how? I got to know the business the hard way: I learned, tested, implemented. My team literally started with two, maybe three people. We currently employ over 3.2 thousand. I knew the medical industry from my own professional experience, and I deepened my knowledge of management and marketing during my studies. There were also household and family responsibilities, incl. as a single mother raising two children. It all strengthened me, made me happy and gave me wings. I like challenges.

Now you want to pass this knowledge on.
Yes, I love sharing stories that really motivate you to act. I’m not just talking about women – I train for everyone. For me, advising is the answer to the bothering questions of most entrepreneurs. It is a source of great inspiration supported by real life examples. I often say that it is not a trick to read hundreds of motivational books, the ground is to implement these teachings and hear it from someone who experiences it and is still going through it. That is why I want to inspire Polish women and Poles to act.

It’s interesting that you mention art. About her Jamie Foxx, an American actor you had the chance to meet personally, once said that “anything can inspire you, and you have the chance to grow by watching other people – by watching them do their job.”
And I fully subscribe to these words. I have met Jamie Foxx many times. He is a very good friend of mine. He invited me and my friends to many concerts and trips. We have been to his house many times. He invited me to the outdoor set of the film “Django”, where I watched live the work of actors, including Samuel L. Jackson and director Quentin Tarantino. We spent a lot of time talking. Just by watching others, you can see how life is, how to be positive. This is what I have. Hence the energy I have, and it allowed us to understand each other well. Again, this mentality plays a huge role. This is how I built my businesses both in Poland and in the United States. I remember my Miami project – BetaNest Electronics: two electronics stores that used to be a huge business school. Here, in turn, I had to fight with a different mentality of South American employees, who were very positive, but they did not attach importance to the fact that business is a huge sacrifice.

In the USA, however, entrepreneurship is supported on many levels …
… And it all starts with school. That’s right. For example, in American high schools, teenagers can choose from several or even a dozen or so courses related to economics, marketing, management or entrepreneurship. It is not uncommon for teenagers to start their own businesses after class. This is actually missing from us. There, both the state and schools support this entrepreneurship. However, my assumption is simple: Americans learn entrepreneurship from an early age, now it’s time for Poland.

Why would you like to make a direct contribution to the development of Polish entrepreneurship?
First of all, because Poles are full of creativity and an exceptional will to work hard. Poles, once they have their great passion, are impossible in business. Strong, resourceful – both women and men create something great. However, we need a little more courage, and for entrepreneurs already operating on the market – internal strength. The key is to change mentality. We have to ask ourselves what kind of boss we want to be, and what kind of boss we actually are. Personally, I feel great satisfaction from improving my bond with my own team. I really care about a natural relationship with each employee, and finding new solutions to motivate you even more effectively is my true passion. It is with this attitude that you should create any business. An attitude not only pro-customer, but also simply pro-human. To respect everyone and respect individual needs. This is the key to running an effective company. I would like it to be remembered not only by young people, but above all by active entrepreneurs.

Do you get the impression that it is women who are better in these matters?
No. Women and men, if they are entrepreneurs, act similarly. Maybe women add more empathy and intuition. However, they go just as hard and are not afraid to make up their minds. However, I want to emphasize: contrary to appearances and certain stereotypes, women also do not give in to emotions. And if anything, it quickly allows business to be more human.


Often, people who want to start a business are afraid to take the first step
The perception of a business depends on the personality of the entrepreneur and the market opportunities and demand. People who want to be entrepreneurs but look only at the rate of return and see only possible negative scenarios in everything, have difficulties opening a business. That is why consultations are so important – sometimes we need the opinion of a completely external person to understand our own mistakes or behaviors and be able to answer the question whether we should start a business or not. Working with entrepreneurs, I can see how much we need support and rational direction of our energy. I recommend it to both young and experienced entrepreneurs.

Often your own business becomes a trap.
Yes, I’ve seen it in the US, but the wave of overwork is also huge in Poland. Sometimes sincere passion leads to being closed within my projects – in such cases I also advise, and the people I work with see real improvement, take a healthy distance and see their mistakes from a different perspective.

Have you already caught up with workaholism?
It was actually close, but I can and try to be moderate. Of course, I am aware of certain limitations of running my own business, but this is my healthy passion. I would be more limited by the full-time job I have already dealt with. Now I feel much more responsible – not only for my employees, but also for their families. Despite everything, I feel freedom. This is the key to understanding my team – as an employer, I must remember that I am not only responsible for employees. However, I also have a great sense of agency. It is up to me and my associates to determine the direction in which our brands will develop. The greatest happiness of entrepreneurs is just a well-coordinated team, which is pleased to contribute to building the company. Believe me – it’s a priceless feeling. People make the company. I have great employees, branch managers and the medical staff themselves. The people I manage the company with are very close to me. They are also visionaries. They are responsible and loyal employees. No enterprise would exist without such close-knit people.

Plans for the near future?
Most generally – to develop and help others to develop. Experience is one of the greatest assets that can be transferred. I am lucky to be able to help entrepreneurs even more, regardless of the size of their business, but especially those who are starting up or small businesses. What counts is simply the man and his will to act, and whether he is not jammed by something. My great joy is helping entrepreneurs, showing them how to spread their wings.

Stefan Przygocki interviewed.