How to prepare for new challenges?

How to prepare for new challenges?

Honored many times for her contribution to the development of Polish entrepreneurship, Beata Drzazga – Visionary, business and life advisor – shares her insights on adapting to change, both in life and in business.

Where do you get the motivation to take on new challenges?

As time went on, I gained the realization that life is a constant journey, and managing a company and doing a job brings dynamic changes. The sooner we can adapt to these changes, the better for us and our businesses. My greatest impetus for action comes precisely from this sense that a new challenge awaits me. I am not afraid of new situations or change, rather I feel the joy of creating something from scratch. I think it’s important to stay abreast of what’s happening in the market, what changes are taking place and what customers expect. One cannot rest on one’s laurels. Flexibility is a key factor in every sphere of life. The challenges we face often stem from these very changes. The way we react to the events we encounter along the way makes a huge difference.


What tips do you give to people who don’t have the natural ease that you do?

A variety of situations, challenges and individual differences make it rather difficult to give general advice. But if I have to advise such people, I would say that it is very valuable to network and talk to people who have experience and have gone through similar situations. It is worth collecting information from entrepreneurs and sharing insights. It is also important to avoid isolation during difficult times. Nowadays, there are many opportunities, such as attending conferences, using e-books or inspiring accounts on social media platforms. Nevertheless, the most valuable are the actual B2B meetings, where even one sentence can completely change the perception on the situation. It’s also a good idea to read as much as possible about how to deal with different aspects of running a business and choose the ones that are right for your situation.

Can a change in mindset alone achieve the desired results?

Just deciding on a different perspective in the face of the fear of change is an intellectual challenge. Of course, our individual nature plays an important role – for some people the approach to change comes naturally, while others have to work harder to cultivate positive thinking. We are all unique. Personally, I am an optimistic and energetic person, I easily adapt to change and do not allow myself to dwell on failures. I don’t waste too much time dwelling on the past. Those with a different temperament can try to draw inspiration from those who can face difficulties with determination. My personal character traits and attitude towards obstacles, which were formed from an early age, make it easier for me to deal with them. I have learned not to give in and agree to what bothers me, if possible. If we encounter situations that unfortunately cannot be changed, we should accept them and look at them from a different perspective. It’s important to be open to new opportunities, because what we’ve been so anxious to change can prove beneficial and even bring new directions in our business. So, this is another way we can be more positive about new situations. All the experiences I have had in my life have taught me to overcome problems with greater lightness. I believe that changing the way we think is already a significant advance, because it makes us more flexible to the world around us and what we encounter in life.