Helping is my life passion

Helping is my life passion

She wants to multiply her success in business by supporting other entrepreneurs
in the development of their companies around the world and inspiring them to innovative actions.
Nothing is impossible for Beata Drzazga, especially when it comes to helping others.

Beata Drzazga successfully manages several companies in Poland and the United States, employing over three
thousands of employees. The most important of them is BetaMed SA, the largest medical center in Poland
long-term care for patients. The next ones include Drzazga Clinic and Dono Da Scheggia fashion salon. Apart from that
graduated from seven fields of study and became the dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Upper Silesia
in Katowice. Janusz Bryzek, Polish scientist and entrepreneur associated with the research center in Palo Alto, when
met her professional achievements, he called her a Visionary, because Beata Drzazga develops each of her companies into an innovative one
way. As much as in business, the entrepreneur is involved in philanthropy for children, adults and people
the sick and the poor. It has been recognized many times for its activities – it has already received almost 240 awards
and awards, including Gold Medal Awards in Miami. She told us what her mission is for 2023.


Helping people and philanthropy is a very important part of your life. What charities have you been involved in?
Beata Drzazga: I don’t like to talk about it, because I believe that if someone wants to help, they should do it, not talk about it. But maybe, on the other hand, it is worth encouraging with our actions that everyone who can support others? I’ve been doing this for years, always. Among other things, I help the organization SOS Wioski Dziecięce, Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery them. Professor Zbigniew Religa, the Omenaa Foundation, the Anna Dymna Foundation “After all”, I have participated many times in auctions for the Alarm Clock clinic, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and many others. For years I have also taken care of a girl from Africa, I send money for her education. It touches me to see her pictures and know that her whole life will be better because of me. I also support people with cancer. For example, I once heard on TV that there is a person suffering from a very rare cancer, extremely difficult to cure. The full amount for her treatment needed another 60,000, I quickly took the phone and transferred the money right away, praying that only this woman could be saved … I am still in contact with her today. I don’t do it for show, for me it’s just natural that a person helps. I’m glad her cancer has halved.

What drives you to philanthropy on such a large scale?
B.D.: The desire to help that overwhelms me is strongly related to my personality. This is one of the traits we are born with. If someone is born very empathetic and sensitive to other people, they have a great desire to help. It also influenced my professional path and the establishment of BetaMed SA. Since childhood, when I saw elderly people, I was touched that their lives were ending, I wanted to hug them, help them in their illness. All my life I lean over people who need care. Now, as an entrepreneur, it’s easier for me, of course, because I can share with others what I’ve earned, my money. Whether they were smaller or larger, I always gave them away.

You are also very involved in supporting Polish culture and Polish business abroad.
B.D.: Yes, it is very important to me. Charity balls have been organized in Miami for 50 years by the Polish Honorary Consul Blanka Rosenstiel. Every year, one person from Poland receives an award for their activities. I have been supporting these balls for a long time and I am very happy because at the 47th I received the Gold Medal Awards for philanthropy and creating a unique place of care for the elderly in Poland. I also support “60 million” conferences. The point is that there are so many of us, Poles, 40 million in the country, 20 million abroad. These conferences are held in New York, Miami, Chicago, Berlin, London, Milan and we have plans to have them held in other cities in different countries, because thanks to this we spread Polish culture and people who meet there can also combine their businesses , people from Poland with those living abroad. They can make contacts.

In recent months and years you have received many other awards. Which are you most proud of?
B.D.: All 240 awards that I have been honored with are important to me, just to name a few. I am proud that I received the Individual Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland
and the Silver Cross of Merit of the President of the Republic of Poland. It was a great honor to receive an award from the Minister of Health for the best entrepreneur managing private care facilities
in Poland. Recently, I received the Pearls of Business award granted by “Gazeta Finansowa”. It is awarded only to the 25 most entrepreneurial women in Poland. I also received the Medal of Social Solidarity at the Business Center Club together with my sister Małgorzata Chmielewska. I was very proud that both of us were singled out. Another important distinctions for me are the Business Diamonds from the Business Center Club and the Pearl of Europe awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce. I received this award together with Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek. It turns out that there is no bigger medical company dealing with long-term care in Europe than the one I created in Poland. It was an honor for me to receive the title of the Best Employer in Poland in 2022 and to be included in the elite group of the 100 most important women according to the “Forbes Woman” magazine. I am also proud to have recently been featured on the cover of Forbes’s top entrepreneur.

You received the very prestigious Individual Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland from Andrzej Duda. What contributed to this award?
B.D.: It’s amazing to me that it was me who received this award for lifetime achievement. The president knew what I was doing, what companies I had in Poland, that I was a dean at the university, that I was doing business in the USA. He said he didn’t know another strong female entrepreneur like me. I felt special.

Can you tell us about your business in Nevada?
B.D.: A few years ago, during a trip to Miami, I met the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Nevada, John Petkus. He suggested that I join their economic mission and help develop the state. For four years I went there and supported financially, and also connected entrepreneurs from Poland with those from Nevada. It worked out beautifully. I also decided to take such a step in Las Vegas and opened a company, a small nucleus of BetaMed International. The pandemic has slowed down its development, but everything is still ahead of us.

And it was for this commitment that you were awarded the title of Nevada’s First Business Ambassador?
B.D.: Yes, and what’s more, in 2023 I intend to continue other economic missions in a much wider scope. We will now create an innovative platform for all entrepreneurs from Poland, Poles who operate in business in the world and for foreign entrepreneurs to connect them. So I will be doing economic missions not only in Nevada, but all over the United States and around the world. I want to be a mentor and an inspiration for people, both in business and in life. It gives me great pleasure and I think it is the greatest
gift that I can give to another person: my time, experience, my own energy. I also get a lot of feedback that people need it. They write me messages that I inspired them or gave them the courage to act. It makes me happy.

Will you give us a sneak peek, what other plans do you have for 2023?
B.D.: Of course, I want to continue to develop BetaMed SA and my other companies. In what direction, only time will tell, because I still have in the back of my mind that there is a war in Ukraine. As I mentioned, I will definitely continue to travel around the world and connect entrepreneurs from different countries. My next plan is to develop related to new technologies. I take part in congresses related to this field, I am their co-organizer and sometimes a sponsor, I devote my time to it. I am also a co-organizer of conferences held in Palo Alto in Silicon Valley. I want to help people who create something new. Help with a capital H. That’s my life goal now.