Glamour EcoTalk: On Ecology in Business

Glamour EcoTalk: On Ecology in Business

Katarzyna Dabrowska, editor-in-chief of Glamour, in the next episode of her Glamour EcoTalk podcast invited Beata Drzazga, entrepreneur, founder of many companies in Poland and abroad, to talk about ecology in business.

What is sustainable business, how does environmental care look in different corners of the world compared to Europe, and what changes to make in your personal life are worth making to live a more eco-friendly life – find out all this in the latest conversation conducted as part of the “Glamour Eco Talk” series.

Engaging in economic missions around the world and attending international business conferences, Beata Drzazga sees how much the topic of the climate crisis has been neglected by major governments and global corporations. Climate change experts have been sounding the alarm for more than a dozen years that we have very little time to change the world’s approach to environmental protection – they cite 2025 as the cut-off date. According to Beata Drzazga, the implementation of provisions and declarations from the historic climate agreement reached by heads of state in Paris in 2015 is at a very unsatisfactory level. There is much more optimism in how many people are changing to more environmentally friendly habits in their daily lives.

“We are taking small steps in the right direction, but I see that education is still lacking.” – concludes Beata Drzazga.

The tragic effects of the failure of states and corporations to act decisively on climate are already being seen – such as the ongoing fires in southern Europe and the increase in respiratory diseases, as Beata Drzazga observes among patients receiving medical care at BetaMed. A positive aspect of this issue is that at international conferences related to entrepreneurship, new technologies and AI (Beata Drzazga is a co-organizer of one in Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto), green solutions seen as the future of any business are an increasingly important topic.

Beata Drzazga, is an entrepreneur with vast experience. He successfully manages several companies in Poland and the United States. Founder of BetaMed SA, the largest medical center in Poland in terms of long-term patient care. Advisor in business and in life. He is just as involved in philanthropy as he is in business. She has been repeatedly recognized for her work – she has already received nearly 240 awards and honors, including Individual Economic Award of the President of Poland and Gold Medal Awards in Miami.

Source: Glamour