Gazeta Prawna – Beata Drzazga Ambassador of Innovation 2023

Gazeta Prawna – Beata Drzazga Ambassador of Innovation 2023

Beata Drzazga – owner of many companies in Poland and abroad, including BetaMed S.A., Dono da Scheggia boutique, and Drzazga Clinic, was awarded the AMBASSADOR OF INNOVATION prize, during the 5th anniversary edition of the International Economic Forum at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzow.

Beata Drzazga became an Ambassador of Innovation for a reason. In its activities, it has repeatedly shown that today it is impossible to function without innovation. It is the news that is key to accelerating the growth of businesses. It was the first to introduce additional days off for its employees to use for preventive examinations.

– For me, innovation is visionary. Creating something that hasn’t been done before. I don’t just mean any automation of production or processes. Above all, innovate in management, in dealing with your employees. Appreciating them and making surprises is very important. You just have to love people and care about their well-being as well. – highlights Beata Drzazga.

The Ambassador of Innovation award is a special recognition for individuals who inspire others, support the innovation ecosystem in all kinds of projects and businesses, and contribute to social and economic change.

– I am immensely pleased with this recognition and appreciation of my activities. This award motivates me to continue working. I do all my work with my heart and it comes naturally to me. I can infect others with enthusiasm. It is important to support both women and men. Each of us has unique qualities and talents that are diverse, but at the same time necessary and valuable for the development of businesses. I believe that cooperation between the two genders brings the best results and inspires us to achieve common goals,” Beata Drzazga noted.

In the companies he runs he easily delegates tasks, which does not mean that he does not work a lot.

– I remember looking in the window one day and seeing flowers starting to bloom on the trees. I glanced a second time and noticed that the leaves were already falling. I was so involved in my work that I did not feel the passage of time. One must not let oneself be told that one is a workaholic when one cares about one’s company and feels responsibility for the team and the further development of the company. Those things that could be put off until tomorrow I put off. However, I don’t like stagnation and am constantly thinking how to do things better,” says Beata Drzazga.

The owner of Betamed S.A. stresses that it is important to boast about one’s achievements. He understands perfectly what humility is, but you can not be ashamed of your achievements. He wants to inspire others to develop personally and professionally with his attitude. When talking to people, he relies on sharing experiences. In speeches, he gives courage to those starting out on their career path. He points out that it is necessary to use the skills of others.

– For me, success is that you achieve it, but at the same time remain human. You have to respect people, not envy what they have achieved with hard work. – highlights Beata Drzazga.

In the coming years, the labor market will see a need for new key skills in employees. The development of these competencies is particularly important because the world is constantly changing, with new technologies, trends and challenges requiring the right skills.

– Looking at the market, flexibility will certainly be a key skill. Everything is changeable and you will have to adapt quickly. In a dynamic business environment, those who can learn quickly, and develop their skills, will enjoy a competitive advantage. Employers already value employees who are able to identify problems, find innovative solutions and think creatively. On the other hand, I believe that trust in the employer-employee relationship will always be valid despite the changes,” concludes Beata Drzazga.

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