Forbes: Artificial intelligence and humans, or trends vs. reality

Forbes: Artificial intelligence and humans, or trends vs. reality

Analyzing today’s market, it’s hard not to notice how crucial a role modern technologies play in shaping the future of business. From digitization to personalization of offerings, new technologies are redefining the rules of the game, putting companies at the center of the rapidly changing business world.

Digital transformation is a process that can significantly affect the growth of a company. It’s a revolution that covers various aspects of the business, from customer contact to data management and internal processes.

Many promising trends and challenges in medicine itself have emerged. One of the key areas is the development of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. AI can significantly improve the diagnosis process using massive amounts of data and machine learning algorithms. This can speed up diagnoses and, consequently, prompt treatment.

“Artificial intelligence is very useful to us, but it can also be very dangerous when it comes under the wrong control,” warns Beata Drzazga, founder of the joint-stock company BetaMed, as well as an entrepreneur and owner of various companies in Poland and abroad, and dean for the development of the Faculty of Medicine at the Upper Silesian Academy.

Artificial intelligence has great potential in analyzing the large amount of data that is generated in medicine. And here you can really see that you can improve the quality of health care, you can increase the efficiency of medical operations. “But here I always emphasize that we must strike a balance between modern technologies and interpersonal relationships. Because a patient is not just a set of data, he is a human being, with emotions, needs, concerns. And these aspects must always be taken into account. Therefore, in my opinion, innovation should support medicine, but not replace human empathy and concern for the other person. This is a balance that must be skillfully maintained,” Beata Drzazga emphasized.

Source: Forbes