Flexibility in management

Flexibility in management

“If you want to build a ship, don’t gather people to gather wood
and distributed responsibilities, but arouse in them a longing for the vast
and the endless sea” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Many people come up to me during meetings or conferences and ask: what is the most important thing to be a good entrepreneur? But what does a good entrepreneur mean to them? The one who has good financial results, the one who goes public, the one who opens new outlets, the one who develops the company, the one who introduces innovations, the one who works for charity, or maybe the one who has a low employee turnover rate.

You have to think about what it means to say that someone is a “good entrepreneur”. The one who takes risks or the one who does not take up challenges and is happy that the company lasts. The one who believes that it is better not to change anything, since it has been good for 10 years, why introduce any changes or improvements. Would it seem like the crazy one who would like to improve everything, introduce new and different rules, and you can’t even get used to a new one, because a newer, more wonderful idea is already emerging.

Is a good entrepreneur the one who manages and introduces law and order and draws up a plan of action, which he implements point by point? Or maybe a good entrepreneur is a visionary setting new directions, reacting to the changing environment, looking for better solutions, streamlining existing processes, meeting new challenges?

Of course, it is impossible to answer directly and there is no ready recipe for a good entrepreneur. It all depends on what industry he operates in, on what scale his business operates, but also what kind of people he surrounds himself with, what competition he has, what opportunities he sees, whether he has specified the direction in which his company should go.

The last three years have provided an extraordinary opportunity to verify, which have shown to what extent we can be as entrepreneurs. Of course, someone will say that it is not possible to be flexible in every industry. But maybe it is our own limitations that prevent us from changing something and we should start with ourselves and ask ourselves what we want to achieve and where in the economy we should function.

Back to the question that started my argument. What is the most important thing to be a good entrepreneur? For me, the answer is simple: – In my opinion, flexibility and openness in every part of company management. There is nothing worse than a lack of flexibility in the approach to employees, procedures and management. If we want to introduce changes, let’s be open to employees’ suggestions, let’s talk to them, introduce new products and improvements based not only on our own but also on their experience. Our people will feel part of the company and see that they have a real impact on its functioning.

Such cooperation, listening to the voices of colleagues helps a lot, it is also a kind of indicator of stability in times of change. So let’s set visions, define mission and give our company a chance.