Experiences of entrepreneurs

Experiences of entrepreneurs

For young people thinking about starting their own business, it should be important to watch experienced, successful entrepreneurs. “We can answer all their questions and point out the best ways to develop,” he says. – convinces Beata Drzazga, motivator, inspirer, business advisor.

Inspiration for the young

Representatives of the business world are often hosted, as mentors or business advisors, at conferences aimed at young people and students. Such a meeting is, for example, the “Our Future Forum” conference – the largest educational event in Poland, which regularly attracts more than 1,000 participants, talented and ambitious young people from home and abroad.

“I am acting as an entrepreneur who runs several companies. Young people wanted to know my story, to find out what stages I used to create BetaMed SA, the largest long-term care company in Poland.” – informs Beata Drzazga, motivator, inspirer, business advisor.

The expert notes that the questions asked by young people may seem simple and the answers obvious. Meanwhile, for a generation of future entrepreneurs, these problems are new.

Tune in for change

“Life is full of change, let alone running a company. I always say that you should set yourself up for change, understand that everything will change, and the work is to approach and accept these changes accordingly,” – Beata Drzazga explains.

Beata Drzazga argues that it is easy for her to give advice and answer questions, since she has been in the business market for more than 23 years. She emphasizes that she had to gain her experience on her own, by trial and error. The expert is happy to support young people thinking about running their own business with her thoughts.

“For the young people it is certainly impressive that we, their experienced colleagues, have large companies, that we operate internationally, but more important, I think, is that we tell them how we achieved success.” – Beata Drzazga concludes.

News source: PAP MediaRoom