Entrepreneur, visionary, woman inspiration or success motivator?

Entrepreneur, visionary, woman inspiration or success motivator?

Beata Drzazga, known as the Inspiring Woman, talks about having a positive impact on the working environment and the reality that surrounds us. A businesswoman and entrepreneur awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland with an Individual Award for her activity and positive contribution to the Polish economy.

You are a guest and speaker at various congresses around the world. You are said to be a business coach, a success motivator. How do you feel about this label?

First of all, I am an entrepreneur, then a visionary, a woman who inspires and motivates others to success. For years, many times during meetings with various entrepreneurs or simply with people, I am very willing to enter into a conversation when they talk about their problems. I care about them and with sincere passion I advise and inspire them on various topics. Be it business or life. I do it because I know from experience that if someone told me earlier, I could solve my problems faster. I would understand that it’s natural and that’s how you have to go through it and I wouldn’t worry about it. I am an entrepreneur and after years of hard work I have succeeded. I want to share my energy, experience and thoughts with anyone who is struggling with some problems and wants more from life. I like to inspire changes, to fight for your dreams and not to give up on life. Inspire a positive approach to every failure. Failures are sometimes our teachers that make us stronger, wiser, and invincible.

Aren’t you too modest?

I believe that a person who knows his worth and is experienced is a balanced person. So when I’m seen in its light, I’m all the more happy. I don’t want to be compared with coaches because I can be misunderstood. But it is true that over the years of participating in conferences and panels as an expert, in entrepreneurship clubs, business clubs, or conferences for young entrepreneurs and start-ups, I still encounter these reactions from people who willingly ask me questions and give me advice. They entrust me with their dilemmas and dilemmas. For me, the most beautiful feedback is when people thank me for speaking because they finally know which way to go or that I have completely changed their lives for the better. People write that I gave them a lot of energy to act and they are inspired. Therefore, my role as an entrepreneur is not limited to business strategies, targets or visions.

Do you like challenges?

I like challenges so much both in my personal life and in business. Because my passion is also my job, I still have new visions of what else can be improved or what to introduce new to please patients or employees, and thus stand out on the market. Now I know that I am a born visionary, which is why I love changes and challenges. I can easily change any environment and make changes and improvements there. Hence the desire to open new companies as something that motivates me to develop or conquer the world. My role, as a visionary of every venture, is also to pull people with me. Convincing them that what we do makes sense and that it is worth being persistent, patient and involved. Convincing them that they must feel passionate about what they do and love it. Since I created my own company, I have been dealing with different people with different personalities and different life experiences, and it is quite a challenge to hire people with passion and good energy. That is why I encourage all young entrepreneurs to personally hire new employees if possible.

You are a comprehensively educated person, you are happy to say that you do not stop learning because you do not want to rest on your laurels. However, can a person with such extensive experience and achievements in business still be taught anything?

But of course. Never enough science. I am a supporter of the golden thought of Socrates that a wise man is one who knows that he still knows nothing. That is why I will never stop learning, looking for new opportunities to improve myself, raise my awareness. I am happy to see that more and more entrepreneurs pay attention to developing themselves and their employees together with the company. Invest in your self-development. Thanks to this, we become not only better entrepreneurs, but also smarter people. In the era of the popularity of CSR (corporate social responsibility), only a leader who is aware of the surrounding non-business reality and responsible for a better world will create a company that will be genuinely socially responsible. Otherwise, it will only be an image-building activity, which sooner or later will be verified by some crisis situation. I am very careful that whatever business I do is in line with my DNA. That is why my projects are always consistent with my life philosophy, my values ​​and, of course, my passion. And passion at work means that we never get tired of it, we never get bored and we don’t feel tired of the material.

You have recently been awarded by the President of Poland with the Individual Economic Award for Entrepreneurs. Such an award is given to one person, for what merits did you receive this award?

The Individual Award from the President is a distinction for outstanding contribution to the development of the Polish economy and entrepreneurship. The purpose of the economic awards granted by the President of Poland is to support Polish entrepreneurs and to distinguish the best ones. This year awards were given in seven categories, and the Individual Award only one, which is why I am even more happy that I personally joined the group of awarded companies contributing to the development of the Polish economy.

Thank you for inspiring me to some thoughts.