Elle – Courage and intuition in business

Elle – Courage and intuition in business

The heroine of the ninth episode of the podcast “ELLE & SHE” is Beata Drzazga, entrepreneur, founder of many companies, expert in management, business advisor, and dean of the medical faculty in Katowice. In a conversation with Iwona KwiecieĊ„, a journalist, he explains how much courage one needs to have in oneself to successfully run one’s own company and in which business situations it is worth listening to one’s intuition.

Many people dream of creating their own brand, have an idea for their company or want to develop a personal brand on social media. However, they lack the confidence to turn these plans into a thriving business. Beata Drzazga explains what character traits you need to have in order to successfully find your way in the business world, what difficult situations you need to prepare for, after what time you can count on the first successes and when you can not lack perseverance to achieve your goals.

Our heroine also shares her experience of how important intuition is in business when making key decisions. She reveals what her business path was like when she founded Betamed SA in the early 2000s and how she developed it to become the largest long-term care medical company in Poland.

From the conversation you will learn who asked our heroine to write a book and what it will be about, as well as – what industry she would like to work in if she were to start her first company in the present day. We invite you to listen to the podcast. It is also available on Spotify.

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