– Green actions: fashion, business or answer to the crisis? – Green actions: fashion, business or answer to the crisis?

Increasing environmental challenges have become an integral part of society, business and politics. Modern ecological activities focus on harmonious cooperation between man and nature and seek to achieve balance for the benefit of present and future generations.

In the debate titled “Environmental activities – what are they today? Fashion, business or disaster prevention?” participated Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed SA, Robert Szyman, director of the Polish Plastics Converters Association, Joanna Maraszek, Chief Product & Sustainability Officer and co-founder of Plan Be Eco, and Wiktor Krzeszewski, CEO of mTap Smart City. The debate was moderated by Tomasz Sanpruch, editor-in-chief

Environmental initiatives aim to preserve the balance of the ecosystem and minimize the negative impact of humans on nature. It has become more than a fad – it is part of a global social movement striving for a sustainable future.

Sustainability, biodiversity conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are the main pillars of modern environmental efforts. Business leaders play a key role in planning and implementing such activities. Efficient management of resources, investment in sustainable technologies and concern for the company’s green image contribute to the creation of a sustainable brand.

Increasing public awareness of environmental issues can be achieved through education, information campaigns, and advocacy for environmental protection at the local and global levels. Promoting a responsible lifestyle and concern for the environment is essential.

Current measures, such as reducing CO2 emissions, protecting biodiversity and investing in renewable energy sources, have a direct impact on the quality of life of future generations.