– Festival of United Arts as the Consonance of Art and Entrepreneurship – Festival of United Arts as the Consonance of Art and Entrepreneurship

With great pride and impatience, I look forward to what is about to happen in Lower Silesia and will echo all over Poland. We are talking about an absolutely original artistic and business initiative, of which I am a patron, as an expression of my passion for all arts – the Festival of United Arts.

This initiative is an expression of a beautiful vision – a vision in which the worlds of art and business are intertwined in an inspiring dialogue, creating unique experiences for artists and viewers. Przedsiębiorczość towarzyszy mi od zawsze, ale i twórczość artystyczna zawsze była dla mnie źródłem fascynacji. That is why I am glad that I met Maciej Musiałowski, known for his eccentricity and great acting talent. At the age of only 29, he bought a beautiful historic castle in the village of Domanice, located on the right bank of the Bystrzyca River, in the northern part of the Świdnicka Plain. Fascinated by its potential, he was looking for a way to do something for the public good in it. And so he came up with the idea of ​​a festival of arts – an initiative in which the muses of Erato, Euterpe, Kalliope, Melpomene, Talia, Terpsichore combine their efforts and delight with the effects. As a woman of action, I could not pass by such an idea indifferently, my entrepreneurship called for its participation in it. I decided to support Maciek’s idea so that he could create this magical environment this year and realize his vision. The Festival of United Arts, as he called this undertaking, is not only a series of exhibitions or concerts. It is a real feast for the senses and the intellect. In the castle, which has become not only a place, but also the protagonist of the event, you will find various fields of art – painting, sculpture, photography, music, theater and many others. Every corner, every nook and cranny of the castle became a platform for a creative dialogue between the artists, as well as a place of inspiring discussions for the viewers. The assumption is that it should be a cyclical event, and this year’s edition is a true connection of the past with the future. The castle, as a space full of history and tradition, combines with modern manifestations of art, creating a unique experience for visitors. Art exhibitions, creative workshops, concerts and lectures are only a fragment of this extraordinary event. But the influence of the United Arts Festival extends beyond the castle walls as well. Partnerships with local schools, cultural institutions and businesses that may be established will enable the creation of a living ecosystem where the arts become an integral part of community life. It is also an opportunity to show that art is not a luxury, but a tool to create value, educate and transform the world around us. As a successful woman, entrepreneur and patron of the festival, I feel obliged not only to support financially, but also to inspire and support artists. I will conduct lectures on entrepreneurship in art. I want to share my experience with other artists because I believe that art and business do not have to be two separate worlds, but they can work together to create something new and fascinating. For me, the Festival of United Arts is not just a calendar event. This is the realization of my passion and desire to support the development of art and culture. I see in this festival the potential to change our way of thinking about art and its role in society. It is also proof that the consonance of art and entrepreneurship can bring more beautiful fruits than I ever expected. Today I invite everyone to participate as artists, but also as viewers.