Business Zone: Beata Drzazga winner of prestigious award for pro-social activities and care for employees

Business Zone: Beata Drzazga winner of prestigious award for pro-social activities and care for employees

The most important thing in running a business is vision, then you can create something very innovative,” believes Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed S.A., motivator, inspirer and business advisor.

Beata Drzazga, owner of many companies in Poland and around the world, founder of BetaMed S.A., Global Impact, DRZAZGA CLINIC, DONO DA SCHEGGIA, BETANEST ELECTRONIC, BETAMED INTERNATIONAL, VIVIANE GROUP, BETAINVEST MIAMI, among others, received the Manager Award for Outstanding Management Achievement from the editors of Manager Report. The award recognizes the company’s commitment to pro-social activities and caring for its employees.

The winner of the prestigious award says she has always been driven by the idea of doing something that no one has come up with yet. According to her, you should treat your employees as you would your friends.

“Because employees are people who should feel like family with us. From a slave there is no employee. And I think this vision of action will lead many people to success.” – Beata Drzazga emphasizes.

Beata Drzazga considers it her success that she has managed to pull people behind her for the realization of her ideas and has already reached a point in her life where she feels fulfilled and happy.

“It seems to me that success is when we achieve such fulfillment. I walk up to a patient, look him in the eye and ask if I have created a beautiful environment for him to stay in, and the patient says: >>Yes, thank you Madam, I love you very much.<<” – says the award winner.

According to her, for each person, fulfillment is something different.

“For me, it’s fulfilling to see the smiles of these people, who are no longer sad, because I have created for them the kind of conditions that should be in health care. And may someone else follow this example, because it’s all for the good of the patient.” – Beata Drzazga points out.

A sense of satisfaction also gives Beata Drzazga the opportunity to act as a motivator, inspirer and business advisor. She is pleased when these activities are noticed and appreciated.

“I think that no person who receives awards sees it that way: how many more awards will I get? How many do I already have? I at the moment I think I have two hundred and sixty-eight awards, but I do not think >>well, now it’s ten or twelve more<<. That would be very shallow. The cool thing is that you go through life and every once in a while someone wants to give you an award because they think you’ve earned it. Everyone who is already at this stage approaches rewards in this way.” – assesses the founder of BetaMed.

Beata Drzazga follows her own motto in life, which she considers beautiful.

“It was created when journalists asked me: >>Ms. Beata, what is success? How did you achieve it?<<. I have always wondered if what I have achieved at this point is already a success. And I came to the conclusion that success is that you are successful, but always remain yourself. The greatest happiness there can be is that neither money nor any situation will change a person,” Beata Drzazga stresses.

Source: Business Zone