Business without half measures

Business without half measures

The only method to achieve success in modern business is total commitment – says the founder and president of BetaMed SA, advisor and business mentor – Beata Drzazga.

Difficult times have come for many businesses. Competition is more and more fierce, customers are more and more demanding, and capital is difficult to access. It is not known how to develop, often the only thing we can do is increase commitment.

Of course. We are often unable to do anything else. Lowering prices may not work. In turn, lowering quality, in addition to being ineffective, is also unacceptable. Therefore, the simplest and only solution may be to increase our commitment to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Let us add that even an imperfect plan can bring great results, the more that by observing the effects of our work, we learn, modify goals and methods. In the end, we can achieve a completely different goal, but that goal can also be very satisfying.

The most important thing is to be active, take advantage of opportunities and gain new qualifications, and commitment cannot be momentary and cannot be confused with either enthusiasm or workaholism. Depending on the situation, you need to know when you can take a break and when you can’t slow down. The company is like a snowball that needs to be controlled, if we leave it alone, it will eventually fall apart. When setting up a company, you need to be aware that it will require a huge amount of time, especially when the external situation changes. When I was designing the BetaMed clinic, I was telling my colleagues that all our plans were preliminary, and that the market, customers and patients would verify them, that everything would go in a better direction than we wanted at the beginning. And that’s how it happened.

Probably everyone has experienced that maintaining commitment can be very difficult. Meanwhile, you built an organization employing over 3200 employees, despite the fact that you had to face national and international competition all the time. It couldn’t have happened without commitment.

That’s true. It is not easy to compete with companies with a huge scale of operations and significant capital advantage. Global players have newer and newer technologies at their disposal that allow them to successfully compete with local companies in local markets. They can also easily copy successful business strategies.

If we want to build our advantage on increasing commitment, we must remember that it must be done on at least two levels. First, it is necessary to increase the involvement of the owners. They decide what the company will do. Without the daily, systematic participation of owners in setting operational goals and controlling the degree of implementation of individual projects, the chances of winning decrease. Second, we need to increase employee engagement. But it doesn’t have to be easy because people are different. In order to encourage them to cooperate better, we have to show them our own passion and make them feel that we will not be able to do it without their help. We should also enjoy successful projects together, share the profits and the fact that the company is growing. Employees must feel that work is not exploitation, they must be okay and reward them properly. You also need to recognize the group of the most dedicated employees and reward them with bonuses.

Maintaining commitment takes energy and motivation. Where should we get it from?

If we employ people who have a passion similar to ours, we will draw energy from this passion. Employees are always motivated by being respected and rewarded well, but a lot of mobilization can also be a common goal. If we want someone to build a boat, we should not teach him how to build it, we should make him love the sea. Employees become more committed as they manage to achieve their goals. Then it is much easier to motivate them. On the other hand, when employees lose their motivation, direct contact is very important. Leadership qualities become important – inspiration, the ability to pull people along, share enthusiasm and optimism. If this is not available, the company begins to stagnate, and people must be protected against stagnation and burnout at all costs.

It is best if the motivation comes from within and is supported by self-discipline and commitment to achieving goals. This is an essential trait of an entrepreneur. When running a business, we will not receive tasks from the boss, because we do not have a boss. We are the first person everyone looks at in a crisis.

However, remember that motivation can also come from outside. That is why some entrepreneurs are eager to use the services of business mentors – people who have become successful themselves and know the pitfalls of inexperienced entrepreneurs. I am happy to advise young entrepreneurs on how to get out of difficult situations. But I always say that this advice should not be taken indiscriminately. Each company is different and its owner should make decisions independently. In contrast, in sessions with a mentor, it’s best to look for inspiration.

Can any simple advice be formulated for those who wish to be more consistent?

How effectively we are able to achieve our goals is due to several factors. First of all, we need self-confidence, secondly, persistence in overcoming obstacles, and third, we need to commit resources such as time, financial resources and knowledge. Let’s add one more detail – keeping engaged is much easier when we do what we love, not what we have to do. It means that our work should be our passion.

We should also remember that increasing commitment does not have to mean spending 16 hours a day in the office. Often it is enough to organize our projects and tasks. For this purpose, we can use work organization applications – many of them provide basic functionalities for free.

In my work as a business mentor, I noticed an interesting regularity. Entrepreneurs know very well that employees should be rewarded for their successes and achievement of goals. However, they often forget that they should also reward themselves. After all bills, taxes, and wages have been paid, employees often simply lack the energy to do so. Meanwhile, achieving goals must be associated with good associations – with reward and self-fulfillment, and not with ticking off the next task on the never-ending list. Career-focused people often feel that their time with their family or playing sports distances them from achieving their business goals, that the time for such things will come later. However, this is a mistake. Maintaining a balance between work and private life not only gives us more satisfaction, but also allows us to work more efficiently.

It is also good to look at our company from a different perspective. For example, I get a lot of energy from going to Miami, where I run several companies. I like the positive attitude and the Latin energy you can feel everywhere in Florida. After my return, I always look at problems in a completely different way. I have a lot of new ideas that make companies grow faster. Thanks to this, it is possible to stay ahead of the competition without falling into workaholism.

But you will certainly agree with the statement that even if we listen to all these advice – it will not be easy anyway. What stands in the way of achieving our goals the most?

The need to be consistent and very dutiful can be frustrating, and we can misbehave our failures. Therefore, it is very important to set yourself goals that are achievable. Unattainable goals demoralize, make us get used to failures and accept them. However, if our goals are easier to achieve, we will leave a margin for something to surprise us. That’s when the cherries appear on the cake – there is nothing more motivating than exceeding your own expectations.

We must also remember that we will need a lot of courage when implementing our projects. After all, every business project is associated with risk. In case of failure, we lose committed resources and time. People who want to start a business I often ask the question – are you resourceful, obligatory and brave? Are you not afraid of the risks, will you be able to accept and learn from your own mistakes? Of course, you cannot overdo it with courage. It is a mistake to take out million dollar loans at the very beginning of your business. This is not courage, it is immaturity.

And the last thing – in business, we will not achieve almost any goal on our own. The company is people. That is why we have to take care of our employees and contractors. They also need satisfaction. We should rejoice in achieving our goals together.


Beata Drzazga
Manager Report expert

Entrepreneur and business advisor. Founder and president of BetaMed S.A. the largest medical company in Poland in terms of long-term care, also providing services in the field of care for patients under ventilators and having a specialist clinic, POZ and others. The owner of the Dono da Scheggia fashion store, the Drzazga Clinic laser therapy clinic, BetaMed International and BetaInvest Miami LLC. In 2010 – 2017, the owner of BetaNest Electronics, a company operating two electronics stores in Miami.

An expert in management, a speaker at many economic and medical conferences in Poland and abroad, she inspires and advises others in running a business. Co-author of scientific works in the field of health protection. Dean of Development of the Medical Faculty of the University of Upper Silesia Wojciech Korfanty in Katowice.