Business Time – Innovative care with a human face

Business Time – Innovative care with a human face

Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed S.A., has changed the face of senior care in Poland by combining innovative solutions with empathy. Her efforts and innovative approach have allowed BetaMed SA to better respond to the needs of the elderly, improving their quality of life. Beata Drzazga shows that a combination of technology and a human approach can create care that truly responds to today’s challenges.

In the context of your extensive experience as founder of BetaMed S.A., a leader in the long-term home and inpatient care services industry, what are your observations on the current state of senior care in Poland?

The current situation in the field of senior care in Poland shows the deep dividing line between needs and availability of services. A growing number of elderly people, often left to fend for themselves, face limited opportunities to get the help they need. Independent existence for many of them becomes a challenge, and the alternative of staying in a hospital ward due to loneliness is far from ideal. Options such as nursing and care facilities funded by the National Health Fund are inadequate and subject to long waiting periods, often exceeding two years, further complicating the situation. Private facilities, while available, are often beyond the financial means of many families. Our commitment and deep bond with the patients we care for contribute to their quality of life and, consequently, their longer life. Unfortunately, this also results in longer waiting times for new patients seeking a place in care facilities.

What is your unique approach to patients and employees?

My approach to business management and patient relations is distinguished by its uniqueness, as I place great emphasis on treating patients – regardless of their age, whether children, adolescents, adults or seniors – with deep respect and empathy. It doesn’t matter whether they visit a specialist, a family doctor, or go for rehabilitation. It is important to me that every member of my team, myself included, shows patients that our work with sick people is based not only on performing medical procedures, but above all on a human, understanding approach. I believe that a patient who feels individual attention, empathy and love from the staff, recovers faster. This sense that there is someone on the other side who wants to help is of colossal importance, especially for people in serious condition, such as patients under ventilator. For them, who are often among the terminally ill, our commitment and warmth are even more tangible and important.

We organize a range of activities for our seniors, such as occupational therapy, dance classes, painting lessons, and provide access to a beautifully landscaped garden where they can enjoy growing raspberries, blackberries and spending time in the gazebos, which brings back memories of their own allotments. These activities reflect my vision of innovative care, aiming not only to improve the quality of life of our patients, but also to demonstrate the importance of changing attitudes in this field. It is also crucial to build positive relationships with the team, not only the medical staff, but also the administrative staff who work with me on a daily basis. People coordinating activities in different regions, organizing home visits and liaising with patients’ families, must be characterized by empathy and professionalism.

I emphasize the importance of an organizational culture in which respect and care for employees come first. I strive to make everyone feel appreciated by organizing team-building meetings, sleigh rides, giving gifts for the holidays or on the occasion of Health Service Day. Innovation is also reflected in the introduction of a “Day off” on the employee’s birthday, with full salary retention. My actions are based on deep respect and love for the people I work with. I strive to be accessible and open to conversation, and I appreciate the team’s commitment to BetaMed. Meetings with nurses are full of warmth and mutual joy, and I prepare various surprises for the team, such as prize drawings and trips. It is our approach to staff that is the key to building a strong and positive culture in our organization.

Can you function effectively in today’s business world without innovation?

In today’s rapidly changing business world, innovation is no longer just a value-add, but a necessity. Ever-increasing customer expectations, fierce competition and rapid technological development require companies to constantly seek new solutions, improvements and offer unique products or services. Companies that ignore the need for innovation risk losing their competitiveness and, consequently, their position in the market. Innovation allows you to adapt to changing conditions, opening up new opportunities and pathways for development, which in today’s times is crucial for sustained success and growth.

BetaMed S.A. has more than three thousand employees – what is most important in managing such a large team?

The basis is healthy relationships and mutual respect, which shape a unique family atmosphere in our team. It’s crucial that both I and my employees are involved in building this atmosphere with their hearts, which is extremely important to me. I will even emphasize it three times – the atmosphere in the workplace, where everyone feels part of the family, is of colossal importance to me. I value long-term relationships with employees who have been with me since the beginning. This closeness also manifests itself in gestures of appreciation, such as special bonuses for nurses who have supported our mission for years. I believe that every entrepreneur can achieve fulfillment and happiness by sharing his heart with loyal employees. Building strong family ties is the foundation for managing and solving problems together. At BetaMed S.A., we create a space where everyone can count on support – not only within the framework of professional relationships, but also on a personal level. When challenges arise, we stand together as a family, supporting each other and finding solutions together.

Source: Biznes Time