Puls Biznesu – Inspirująca droga do sukcesu

Puls Biznesu – Inspirująca droga do sukcesu

Her story is a true journey from difficult beginnings to success based on passion, empathy and tenacity. In an interview with Rita Schultz (Capital24.tv), Beata Drzazga says she knew from the very beginning that she wanted to create something unique.

Empathy and commitment. When patients called with health problems, they felt understood and taken care of. The positive atmosphere and the provision of professional care and emotional support to patients has become a hallmark and has helped build strong relationships with both patients and employees.

Of course, as with any ambitious undertaking, it was not without obstacles and difficulties. One of the biggest problems was the rigid regulations and restrictions on health care. Despite this, determination and passion made it possible to achieve success.

Beata Drzazga is an example of an entrepreneur who combines passion, management skills and empathy. Her story is an inspiration to others to strive for success with people and their needs in mind. Importantly, he is eager to share his experiences with young people and budding entrepreneurs:

– Working with young people and shaping their attitudes is an area that gives me great satisfaction. During the numerous conventions and events I have the pleasure of attending, I try to impart to young people not only knowledge, but above all inspiration that helps them find their path in a world full of challenges, globalization and increasingly advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

Nowadays young people face great challenges. On the one hand, they have access to vast amounts of information and opportunities, but on the other hand, they have to deal with the pressure to succeed and a rapidly changing job market. That’s why I think fostering attitudes such as entrepreneurship, flexibility, problem-solving skills and creativity is key. Following your dreams is not just a romantic slogan, it’s a necessity. The modern world offers tremendous opportunities, but also brings many uncertainties. That’s why I encourage young people to dream boldly and pursue their goals. It is good to know that failures and difficulties are part of the road to success, and one should not be discouraged by them, because each teaches us something and gives us motivation to develop.

Who is

Beata Drzazga – entrepreneur, creator, philanthropist, founder of many companies in Poland and abroad: BetaMed SA, Dono da Scheggia, Drzazga Clinic, Global Impact, Betamed International in Las Vegas, companies in Miami and Spain.

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