Business Magazine – I’ve always wanted to make people smile, especially the elderly

Business Magazine – I’ve always wanted to make people smile, especially the elderly

Beata Drzazga, entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist and mentor. She advises, loves people, and above all inspires many entrepreneurs, she tells our editorial team how she created her empire and how she manages it.

Was it difficult to become a successful woman?

When I started my business in a small room, I never thought I would become a successful woman. I cared about pursuing my passions at the time. I have always wanted to help older people. I wanted to create a company that would bring new standards to the care market, associated with high quality service combined with love for the other person. Given the past and, unfortunately, ever-present operation of healthcare in our country, it was clear to me that by combining these two elements in my company, I had a real opportunity to succeed. It is worth emphasizing that this was not a race to get the most money. And was it difficult? Of course it was hard. Working 14 hours a day is just the beginning. I often tell people who are starting their journey in business that they should prepare for the fact that there will be ups and downs, but determination, which I have never lacked, will make it possible to succeed. You have to realize that if you want to have your own company, you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for your employees. I know how much hardship it cost me to build BETAMED S.A. clinics, I know how much success costs.

What qualities allowed you to achieve this?

Certainly those qualities we are born with. I love challenges, I’m very consistent and positive about people, about change, about life in general. You have to be hardworking and well organized. Demand from yourself, but also from others. I very often leave work last. I try to take care of everything. There is another, in my opinion extremely important skill – quick decision-making. This is an extremely important trait in the business world. Of course, mistakes happen, they are natural, but it is from them that we learn and grow. I have not yet mentioned another skill, namely the proper selection of employees. Every company should have people who, colloquially speaking, “fit” with each other and with the organization.

What does it actually mean, how do you choose your team?

I may surprise everyone, but I do it personally. I often explain at various lectures that we should recruit such people who have similar qualities to ours, have the same positive energy, are empathetic and cheerful. In my business, this is very important, because every day they take care of the elderly people who deserve love and respect.

I attach great importance to the atmosphere at work, I try to come up with various surprises for my employees. I will give examples, if one of them has a birthday, he can not come to work that day, I will pay him for the day, of course. On Mondays, it is possible to come to work at 3 pm, thus extending the weekend for my people. I emphasize, the atmosphere in my company is very important. There is no typical “infliction” that is unfortunately common in the state health service. There is a pleasant and joyful atmosphere in my organization. I regularly organize team building events where we have fun, dress up and dance. This does not prevent us from being both committed and professional in our work.

Do you sometimes think what would have happened if not for the decision that allowed you to become an entrepreneur?

No, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, especially since I’ve seen how elderly care works in Poland. I knew I had to offer seniors a new quality and new standards, which I have already discussed. I built them a house, a church, clubhouses and even a hairdresser, my patients are supposed to feel very comfortable in the clinic, this is a priority for me.

It may sound strange, but since I was a child I have always wanted to take care of people, especially the elderly, who are often invisible, invisible to many. It’s strange because old age affects all of us. I have always wanted to bring a sincere smile to people’s faces, especially to the elderly. Recently, while in Africa, I noticed an old man sitting alone by the street, no one paid attention to him. I walked up to him, we talked for a while and I saw that sincere smile. And it is with this, among other things, is guided in its work.

During my lectures at the Medical Academy, I often ask future nurses whether they have enough empathy for the other person, because this job requires it. If they do not notice this in themselves, I advise them to grind the direction of their professional interest, because they themselves will be unhappy and make others unhappy every day.

A good entrepreneur should…

Be prepared for different, sometimes very difficult, challenges. He has to invent and implement new strategies. Be consistent, reasonable, have a desire for continuous development. I constantly think about him. I open new businesses, give socially and in business. I have opened a branch of BETAMED in Las Vegas, I intend to invest. I own seven companies, but that is not enough for me, I organize economic missions to Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, I recommend Polish and American solutions. At one time a well-known entrepreneur Janusz Bryzek called me a visionary, which is very flattering to me, because he is a very important figure in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, she recently passed away.


After what I heard from you I don’t know if I should ask this question, but I will try. Have you ever felt like saying to yourself pas, I need to slow down, take a break?

Never. I have a constant need to take on challenges. 15 years ago I even opened a clothing store with new collections, I organize fashion shows in Dubai, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Milan.

14 years ago, I flew with a young child to Miami to a language school. As a result, I opened an electronics store there, BetaNEST ELEKTRONICS. Then I met John Pektus, Nevada’s honorary consul, so I also organized economic missions from Poland to Nevada and eventually opened BETAMED INTENATIONAL. in Las Vegas; I was named Nevada’s first business ambassador. I helped local entrepreneurs grow in Chile and Peru. I have three children who I am raising on my own, in addition, I am studying and opening more businesses.


What qualities are more in Beata Drzazga these days, mentor or philanthropist?

I think they are equally. I both financially support various ventures and causes, as well as advise, share my experience at congresses, lectures or panels at major economic events at home and abroad.


What do you think about the use of artificial intelligence in medicine?

This is the right direction, but as with any innovation we have dilemmas. Artificial intelligence will not replace humans, it can only be a support in their operation. I am definitely for the development of humanity, but let’s not forget humanity in the process. In my case, a robot is no substitute for an empathetic nurse. This is something we probably won’t experience for a long time.

23 years ago I was introducing ideas in my company in line with the current ESG strategy, not even knowing that in a dozen years or so it would be the current trend, which is not always introduced skillfully in various organizations, rather just to appease the public and owners. I can immodestly say that I was the forerunner of this strategy.

Thank you for the interview

Jacek Szczęsny

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