Business Magazine – A year full of challenges and new opportunities

Business Magazine – A year full of challenges and new opportunities

Beata Drzazga, a versatile and successful entrepreneur, has been consistently developing her career with new ventures, and her approach to business, which combines sustainability with success, is an inspiration to many. Beata Drzazga is also committed to helping others, showing that everyone has the potential to succeed. Her philosophy of life and business is proof that sustainability is not only possible, but also effective.

Editor: You run companies in a broad spectrum of industries that can surprise you with their diversity: from long-term healthcare, laser therapy, fashion, to real estate and electronics. This shows that regardless of the industry, it is possible to run successful and diverse business operations.

Beata Drzazga: I believe that we should not let life just pass by. I have always wanted to leave a mark. Already at school I discovered leadership qualities in myself. I felt that my job was to care for and help others, so I chose a profession related to caring for people. However, after many years of working in this field, I felt the need for a change. Seeking new challenges is an effective way to avoid professional burnout and monotony, not only in care professions.

You have set your sights on self-reliance.

Yes. Self-reliance was key for me. When you decide to start your own company, you are at the head of it and you are the one who makes the decisions. I began to study (I am proud to say that I have completed seven majors) and began to seek new opportunities. At that time I made a promise to my children that we would have a beautiful home. The realization of dreams motivates me to work. I believe that we should enjoy life, which is only possible when we feel fulfillment. For me, to achieve fulfillment, I need constant change and helping others.

What were the next steps on your path to success?

Establishing the fashion company Dono Da Scheggia has brought me a lot of satisfaction. I traveled to European fashion shows, explored the world, and felt I still had much to discover. The next step was a trip to the United States, which I had always dreamed of. I bought tickets and together with my adult daughter and youngest son, who was five at the time, we flew to Miami. There my perspective on many things changed. Polish complaining became distant for me, and American optimism and energy inspired me. I discovered that this approach to life is close to me. I set up two electronics stores there (BetaNest Electronics). It might seem that this will only increase my workload, but in fact I organize my time better when I am active. I was also involved and co-organized a business mission to Nevada and received the title Nevada’s first Business Ambassador.


What are your plans for the future?

In business, I intend to continue developing my companies, looking for new opportunities and innovations. I’m still fascinated by the potential of new technologies, so I plan to continue to co-organize “New Technologies” conferences in Silicon Valley to keep abreast of the latest trends and artificial intelligence. My goal is to continue to help people, and to motivate them to grow and change for the better. I also founded the Beata Drzazga Foundation, a foundation that supports sick people and carries out various interesting social projects.

In my personal life, I would like to continue developing my passions. I plan to return to playing tennis and spend more time painting and playing the piano. Traveling is my passion, and discovering new places and cultures is on my priority list.

But most of all, I plan to spend more time with my family and friends. For me, the most important thing is to maintain a balance between my professional and private life. Therefore, I always try to find time to relax and unwind, no matter how busy I am.

Do you think artificial intelligence is the future of humanity or rather a threat?

Keep in mind that artificial intelligence (AI), in the wrong hands, can pose a threat. Nevertheless, there is no turning back from this technology, especially since some countries, such as China, have already reached an advanced level in it. Artificial intelligence has the potential to support our operations, improve quality and increase our competitiveness in the market.

You are also a recognized mentor

When I have the opportunity to meet with young people or entrepreneurs, I am always happy to share my experiences and give advice to those who need it. I observe that my experiences have the power to empower others and motivate them to take action. It makes me very happy.

What are your plans for 2024?

Undoubtedly, the welfare of my family is most important to me. Another goal is to further develop my companies, both in Poland and abroad. I want my employees to be healthy, happy and for us to work well together. In addition, I want my help in business and life to be valuable and inspiring for others to be strong and not give up. It will be a huge fulfillment for me. Receiving feedback that my words helped someone, motivated them to take action, I gain more confidence that what I am doing is meaningful and worth my time to support others.

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