Business Magazine: A visionary of innovative solutions

Business Magazine: A visionary of innovative solutions

A conversation with Silicon Valley conference co-organizer Beata Drzazga, a business mentor and visionary who shares her insights and experience gained in the cradle of technology and innovation, during Polish panel discussions.

RED: You are a co-organizer of a conference in Silicon Valley, what can you tell us about it?

Beata Drzazga: Silicon Valley, or Sillicon Valley, is considered the center of the world’s technology industry. It’s an ecosystem that combines capital, innovation, talent, and infrastructure, which has contributed to the rise of many global tech giants there like Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, and Tesla. It is also home to a number of universities and research institutes, such as Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, which foster innovation and develop talent in the technology field. Not surprisingly, it’s a mecca for startups and entrepreneurs of technology companies, as well as venture capital investments. Every year, Silicon Valley attracts innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, changing the way we live, work and communicate. I am involved in the conference there because I like to be where the “milestones” of the world economy are laid.

The last month has been very hectic for you in terms of the number of conferences and panel discussions you have participated in in Poland. Let’s talk about them starting with what your thoughts are after the Regional Economic Congress “Opole for Business”.


The conference discussed a range of topics related to entrepreneurship and economics. The main thematic panels focused on the role of women in e-business, the role of artificial intelligence and the management of family businesses. These areas have been very important to me for some time now, and at this forum experts and business representatives were able to share knowledge and experiences, as well as discuss the multifaceted nature of the economy. While leading the panel, we focused on the role of women in large companies. I stressed that success in business does not depend on gender, but on the right competence, passion and management ability. I wanted to point out, as always, that any entrepreneur, regardless of gender, can be successful in different industries. In my lecture I focused on the importance of analyzing an idea and having the courage to act in business. I stressed that it may be difficult at first and there will be uncertainties, but the key is to strive step by step. Entrepreneurs should have passion and commitment to what they do. It was a valuable conference that enabled the exchange of experience and knowledge between entrepreneurs and experts. The organizers, the Opole Center for Economic Development, organized a successful event that showed the diversity of economic issues. I hope that this meeting will contribute to the further development of entrepreneurship in the Opole region.

I would also like to touch on your participation in the “Being a Woman on Tour” project.

Being a Woman on Tour was an amazing event, where I had the honor of performing in front of an equally fantastic audience of 400 extraordinary women from Poland and other countries. It was an opportunity to meet inspiring women, as well as to participate in a dynamic discussion led by Dorota Wellman, known to all, with three guests, among whom I had the honor of being one. I value her for her intelligence, strength of spirit, wonderful humor and respect for people. As part of this project, we had the opportunity to listen to many interesting women, such as Grazyna Kulczyk, who presented her museum, and Lidia Owsiak, who talked about her work and life. It was the 10th anniversary edition of this conference, and for me, a unique experience that showed how many amazing women are achieving success in their fields.


Your next meeting was held this time with exceptional young people under the slogan “Action & Inspiration”, what was it about?

It’s a great idea for meetings where we give listeners strength, ideas and inspiration for their own start ups. The most important thing is to know ourselves , what we love doing the most. I explained to the audience what I always emphasize: to turn passion into work, then we will follow it with pleasure and determination. I also stressed remembering to respect everyone around you to give people what they need. By doing so, we not only solve their “problems” but often also prevent them. Speaking in front of young people, I stressed that if they don’t have ideas themselves, they can look at the biggest successes from overseas, for example, to get the courage to transfer ideas, business models and innovations from Silicon Valley, for example. Innovative technological and business solutions that have proven themselves anywhere in the world can often be transformedh and adapted to other areas and markets. However, this may require adaptation to local legal, cultural and economic conditions. It is also worth remembering that success in a new region often depends on understanding the specifics of the local market and customer needs. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about the adaptation of the idea and work with experts in the market.

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