Beata Drzazga: Success, ambition, knowledge

Beata Drzazga: Success, ambition, knowledge

Everything she touches turns to gold. This is how you can describe Beata Drzazga, who was on this year’s Forbes Women list.

He is not only involved in the development of his many companies, but also supports others as a business and life advisor. Moreover, he also shares his knowledge with students as a lecturer and dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Upper Silesia.

In an interview with, Beata Drzazga emphasized that business has changed a lot over the last 20 years and more and more women are professionally active and take up managing companies. She advises: “Absolutely listen to yourself and fulfill yourself, do not be afraid to act.” And this applies not only to women, but also to young people who are worth supporting in their aspirations.

It is important that this choice of career path is as conscious as possible. The secret of her success is great organization and readiness to function actively.


Beata Drzazga, appreciated and award-winning founder and president of BetaMed SA, owner of many companies, including Drzazga Clinic and Dono da Scheggia in Poland, BetaNest Electronics and BetaInvest LLC in Miami, visionary, business and life advisor, entrepreneur, dean of the medical faculty of the University of Silesia.

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