– Key to growth and success – Key to growth and success

In today’s dynamic world, where new technologies and changes are a daily reality, continuous improvement and lifelong competence development play a key role. In an interview with, Beata Drzazga, founder of BetaMed SA, highlights the importance of being open to learning and why young people should pursue a variety of skills.

Providing her perspective on the contemporary challenges of working with young people, Beata Drzazga emphasizes that the value of learning does not end after receiving formal education. “Why is it worth a lifetime of learning?” Because things are changing all the time,” he says, noting the dynamism of the modern world.

He also points out that young people are a key part of the future, as they are the ones who will be educated in areas related to new technologies. “Young people are ahead, they want to know a lot,” he says. In addition, he stresses that employees who want to develop are creative people are a greater value to the development of the company as a whole. Employers should not fear employees leaving after learning new skills, but rather value their development, seeing them as still valuable team members.

It is noteworthy that Beata Drzazga, despite her impressive track record, does not stop with past achievements, but continues to be active in various areas of the economy. He supports educational initiatives, participates in conferences, engages with entrepreneurs and inspires others to continuously improve. Importantly, she herself consistently expands her knowledge and acquires new competencies.

Lifelong learning appears to be a key element in achieving success in today’s world. Young people should be ready for change, flexible in their careers, and employers should support their employees in their pursuit of continuous development. It is this openness to learning and adaptability that contributes to creating innovative solutions and achieving success in today’s dynamic professional environment.