An experienced motivator will help entrepreneurs go through crises

An experienced motivator will help entrepreneurs go through crises

The time of the pandemic, war and inflation changed the conditions of doing business. “As entrepreneurs, we know
that the market is constantly changing. When starting a business, we must realize that not everything
we are able to plan, but no one could make such revolutionary changes as last year
predict. Therefore, advice from experienced people can be helpful in safe business development
entrepreneurs” – convinces Beata Drzazga, motivator, inspirer and business advisor.

“We have to get up from our knees and, as entrepreneurs, manage. The entrepreneur must show that
he makes sure he is strong. React to the crisis so that employees know that they will not lose their jobs
they have a boss who will think over many aspects and the company will come out of the slowdown unscathed,” points out
Beata Drzazga. According to her, entrepreneurs know the market situation well, so they shouldn’t
incur excessive liabilities or invest excessively, without ensuring profitability.

An important role in supporting entrepreneurs is played by meetings with experts, e.g. in clubs
entrepreneurship. These are places where people running businesses exchange experiences.
More experienced businessmen can give advice to less experienced ones.

According to Beata Drzazga, it is important for anxious entrepreneurs to understand that
it’s not unusual these days for the economy to have repeating cycles and you can get through them
go without bankruptcy, cope even in an unfavorable economic environment.

“An entrepreneur must have a vision and not give up running a business if there is a risk. Has to
consider them and not be afraid of running a business,” sums up Beata Drzazga.