A showcase of Polish entrepreneurship

A showcase of Polish entrepreneurship

Success does not come by chance. It is the sum of passion combined with courage and hard work. We talk about the path to an international career with Beata Drzazga, a visionary, business advisor and founder of BetaMed SA – the largest long-term care and specialized medical services company in Poland.

You recently received the statue of EXCELLENT PERSONALITY OF WORLD BUSINESS. What is the significance of this award for you?

I take this award as a validation of all my professional activities. This signals to me that my business intuition is leading me down the right path. My personal success is that whatever I do I always remain myself. Fulfill your visions and dreams, without limits boldly set further ambitious goals.

During the Gala for the presentation of this statuette, you stood on the podium next to personalities as famous as Lech Walesa and Robert Korzeniowski, what qualifications and character traits do you think are necessary to receive such a statuette?

Character traits, emotional intelligence, strategic sense or the ability to pull the right people with the same energy is half the battle. Parallel to the goal leads personal development. While developing the business, I completed various majors, including marketing and management, European integration and health care management. Moving forward, I also completed an MBA International, a specialization in geriatrics and a PhD in economics. Each resource gained strengthens the personality, adds strength and gives a bird’s eye view of the business. From my experience, I know that this holistic view of the world and our environment show new paths. And these result in successes, if we devote enough commitment to them and discover layers of creativity.

For years, you employed more than three thousand workers. Today he does business in Poland, but also in the US market. It’s demanding to move on planes where approaches to tasks and work styles differ significantly. What is leadership to you? What qualities should a leader possess?

Thank you for this question. It’s very important that the manager’s role is not reduced to delegating tasks and holding the team accountable for their performance. My vision is a leader who is inspiring, assertive, engaging and supportive. Personally, I love development and infect my colleagues with this approach. Enthusiasm and optimism are good energy that motivates the team. It encourages dialogue, solving problems together, sharing ideas and setting the direction of the company. To recap: it’s unleashing the team’s creativity.

Referring to the second part of the question, I will confirm that doing business varies depending on the laws, political and economic conditions of a country. The differences in people’s mentality are also not insignificant.

You advise young entrepreneurs to be brave and not succumb to criticism that destroys their dreams. What initiatives that promote emerging businesses are you involved in?

I am very eager to meet with people who would like to start their own company or develop a business. I am an entrepreneur who wants to inspire. I have such a way of being, I like to share a lot of experiences and insights. What is important is a person’s potential, talents, predispositions and also what limitations he has. Beginning entrepreneurs are cautioned against making some basic mistakes. I recommend calculating risks, prudently managing your budget and being ready for a crisis. I believe that new ideas should be tested on small-scale ventures. And any setbacks treated as lessons, after which to rise from the knees and boldly move on.

Last year, you received the Individual Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland from the hands of President Andrzej Duda, as an expression of economic distinction for your contribution to the development of the Polish economy, and its promotion on the international arena. What are the benefits to the Polish economy of such effective promotion on international markets?

I felt exceptionally appreciated, chosen as the only one among millions of Polish entrepreneurs and referred to as a woman orchestrator. For many years I have been active in business everywhere I go. I run companies at home and in foreign markets. I participate in various economic missions, including. in Nevada, which connects entrepreneurs from Poland with representatives of local businesses. Otrzymałam nawet tytuł pierwszego Ambasadora Biznesu Nevady od gubernatora za pomoc w rozwoju tego stanu. I feel proud that we Poles function in business in international markets without complexes. We are solidly educated entrepreneurial and successful. Two years ago, co-organizing the Silicon Valley New Technology Conferences in Palo Alto, USA, felt like a worthy showcase for Polish entrepreneurship