A manager must act prudently, but also boldly

A manager must act prudently, but also boldly

Courage and reason – these are the qualities of an entrepreneur that are very important in everyday conduct
business. “It is important for a manager to be able to act quickly and at the same time with discretion” –
convinces Beata Drzazga, motivator, inspirer, business advisor.

This is especially important now, when we are after the pandemic, the market is very unstable,
and on top of that we have inflation and war. Therefore, according to Beata, entrepreneurs
Splinters, in order to be constantly successful, must pay attention to both the quality of service
customers as well as finances.

“It’s us managers who look after quality and that’s the most important thing, but it’s also important to care
about the employee,” says Beata Drzazga. “It is worth investing in a team of people, in what they are like
educated people who belong to it and pay attention to how orderly everything is
organization,” he adds.

Betamed, operating for 22 years, is the largest long-term care company in Poland.
It operates in 11 provinces, employs about 3,300 people – doctors, nurses,
rehabilitation and administrative staff. He cares for the sick and needy
ventilator, adults and children, in their homes, as well as in the clinic.

“I got an award >>Manager of the year 2022 in health care – private facilities<<. This
a great honor. It gives me wings and motivates me to keep going,” concludes
Beata Drzazga.