50 Business Personalities

50 Business Personalities

The editors of the “Businesswoman&life” magazine have once again prepared the publication of the book “50 Business Personalities”, the entire proceeds from which are donated to Ewa Błaszczyk’s “Akogo?” Foundation. For several decades, the Foundation has been running a number of campaigns promoting treatment in coma, and in the built Alarm Clock Clinic, it gives many people a chance to wake up after severe injuries and accidents.

The official gala promoting the book attracted many famous names and personalities from the world of business and show business. The heroes of the publication are successful people who have shared their stories on individual pages. Each of them is different, but they all have a common denominator – helping.

The gala was hosted by the irreplaceable actor Jacek Borkowski, and the guests were welcomed by Elżbieta Jeznach, editor-in-chief of the “Businesswoman&life” magazine.

Mrs. Ewa Błaszczyk could not honor the guests with her presence, but especially for this occasion she recorded a film for all the heroes of the book and the participants of the gala. Ewa Błaszczyk was worthily represented by her daughter – Mrs. Marianna Janczarska – a woman of many talents for whom nothing is impossible.

A unique event during the gala was the presentation of statuettes in the category Promoter of Healthy and Conscious LifeFor several recognized personalities from the world of culture, art and show business, who annually support and engage in projects organized by the Businesswoman & life editorial office for the “Akogo?” and promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The statuettes in this category were received Marta Zmuda Trzebiatowska, Beata Pawlikowska, Joanna Racewicz, Daria Widawska.

The celebration of successes was accompanied by a performance by the talented violinist YLO VIOLIN, a graduate of the Academy of Music in Wrocław and the Conservatory in Enschede in the Netherlands. Her album released in 2020 guaranteed her performances on the biggest stages in the country and abroad.

Personalities of the artistic world and celebrities have a voice of exceptional strength and causative power. Thanks to the fact that they are an example for many people, they can encourage others to charity and support those who need our help. In the publication, the editors had the pleasure of publishing an interview with journalist Maciej Kurzajewski and actress Ewa Gawryluk.

In the book “50 Business Personalities”, which was created under the supervision of Angelika Łuszcz, the editorial staff hosted the following personalities:

Ms. Ewa Błaszczyk – founder and president of the board of the “Akogo?” Foundation
Ms. Małgorzata Kozłowska – President of the Management Board of the detective and consulting agency Detective.pl and Mr. Tomasz Ziółkowski partner in the Detective and Consulting Agency Detective.pl.
Ms. Beata Adamczyk beauty coach and business trainer
Mrs. Anna Baranowska, owner of Med-JobsHR
Sylwia Bednarek, owner of the KokiLoki salon, creator of the Kolorowe Grzebienie brand
Mr. Karol Bielecki, President of the Management Board of AC Group
Antonina Bochińska, co-owner and CEO of Early Stage
Mrs. Magdalena Bogucka, President of the Management Board of the Amara Pharmaceutical Plant
Mr. Arkadiusz Bonder President of the Management Board of CTS Chemistry Sp. z o.o.
Mrs. Teresa Brodniewicz, founder and president of the “And you will go further” Foundation
Marta Buczkowska, owner and advanced aesthetics practitioner at Skin Medicine Aesthetics Training Academy, founder of the Skin Total Care brand
Mr. Maciej Czop, President of the Management Board of Immergas.
Mrs. Magda Dąbrowska, Vice-President of the Management Board of Grupa Progres
Beata Drzazga, founder and co-owner of BetaMed S.A., Drzazga Clinic, Dono de Scheggia and founder of BetaMed International and Invest Miami in the USA.
Julia Fałowska, owner of a training facility, beauty trainer, cosmetology instructor
Mrs. Małgorzata Gawlikowska, Member of the Management Board and Commercial Director of Trecom Enterprise Solutions Sp. z o.o
Ewa Gawryluk actress
Mrs. Agnieszka Głowacka, Vice-President of Erbud SA
Ms. Żaneta Hejne, President of the Management Board of Kancelaria Usług Księgowych Hejne s.k.
Agnieszka Hobot, President of the Management Board of Pectore-Eco and editor-in-chief of the “Wodne Sprawy” magazine
Mr. Roman Idźczak, owner of the Idźczak-Meble company
Ms. Halina Jaroń, President of the Management Board of HR Partner
Mrs. Magdalena Kędzia, owner of the EsteticMed Kędzia clinic in Toruń
Mr. Jerzy Kokorudz owner and President of the Management Board of ULTIMA
Mrs. Dagmara Kołodziejczyk, president of the board of Together Consulting
Mr Łukasz Kowalski, owner of Apogeum Beauty Studio, hairdresser, stylist, image creator
Agnieszka Krawczyk, dentist, owner of the Beauty Dental Clinic in Lublin
Mrs. Jagna Kubańska-Łyczakowska public affairs director at Vestas Poland
Ms. Magdalena Kubisa, business development director at Polish Payment Standard, BLIK operator
Mr. Maciej Kurzajewski is a sports journalist and radio and television presenter.
Marlena Majkut-Sobechowicz dermatologist, doctor of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, entrepreneur
Ms. Marta Malak, owner of the USQUARE Homes Real Estate Agency in Dubai.
Ms. Wioletta Mazur, owner of the Foxvert printing house
Mrs. Urszula Narkiewicz, the owner of the Health Prevention Clinic
Mrs. Małgorzata Niegowska cosmetologist and owner of the La Bell Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology Clinic
Mrs. Agnieszka Nosal, managing director of Esri Poland
Mrs. Izabela Olszewska, member of the management board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Mrs. Justyna Orlińska Attorney and founder of the Law Office based in Ruda Śląska
Mrs Kamila Padlewska, owner of ORICEA Aesthetic Dermatology and Anti-Aging Medicine
Ms. Bianka Pawlewska, founder of Farma Bii
Mrs. Joanna Piórek-Wojciechowska – physiotherapist, owner of the Women’s Physiotherapy office
Mrs. Małgorzata Rozwałka-Tłok – Member of the Management Board of Cellnex Poland
Ms. Martyna Rybka HR Director of the Porta Group
Mrs. Monika Sacewicz, president of the board and co-owner of ApexNet
Mrs. Lidia Skuza photographer
Mr Przemysław Śnieżyński President of the Management Board of MEDISEPT Sp. z o.o.
Ms. Adrianna Sosnowicz HR Director for Central and Eastern Europe at Schneider Electric
Mrs. Katarzyna Suchcicka, general director of OX2 in Poland
Elżbieta Tarczyńska, co-founder of the company and member of the supervisory board of Tarczyński S.A. After receiving the diploma, I invite you to the stage of Mr. Jakub Głogowski – manager for communication
Mr. Piotr Trafidło is the owner of the Multident aesthetic dentistry clinic
Mr. Sebastian Walerysiak, President of the Management Board of Viessmann Sp. z o. o. Sebastian is not with us today. On his behalf, the diploma and the book will be collected by Mrs. Dorota Winiarska – PR Manager and president of the Klimet Aware Foundation.
Mrs. Paulina Waszkiewicz-Soćko, president of Damovo Polska Sp. z o. o.
Ms. Marta Wnuk, attorney
Ms. Edyta Wojtas, Vice-President of the Management Board and Strategic Director at SaldeoSMART
Ms. Jadwiga Wojtas, Director of production and development of Soneta Sp. z o.o
Individual heroes of the book were invited to the stage to collect commemorative diplomas and books. The floristic setting was taken care of by the florist Prmula. The guests could taste meats from Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsnego GROT and wine from the Jantoń Vineyard. Mariusz Grzybowski’s company provided a wall made of artificial plants, the colors of which referred to the cover of the book. Agnieszka Karpińska and Zofia Kałucka took care of the make-up of the editorial staff of “Businesswoman & life”. Agnieszka Karpińska made hairstyles for the editorial office of “Businesswoman & life”.

During the gala you could bid on the following gifts:

– MONA LISSA evening dress

– the painting “Hope” funded by the artist King Gajda

– bags by Props

-painting by Magdalena Nowatkowska.

– gold-plated necklace from the COLIBRA brand with a flower motif, studded with Swarovski crystals, hand-painted with ecru enamel

-elegant, classic dresses from the spring-summer collection from the BB brand.

-vouchers for Detailing external and internal car wash + wax with a durability of 12 months worth PLN 700 funded by the Car Wash at Lawyers.

– shoes and handbags by WOJAS – sets of natural cosmetics REGENERATING RELAXATION from the AnnaFlora brand
-sets with 2 books from the SILVER publishing house

– gift sets of cosmetics from the ZIAJA brand

– vouchers worth PLN 200 for the purchase of underwear from the Bradonna brand

– Angels of Charity and Happiness funded by Barsko Handmade

– sets of soy candles from the Osom Candles brand

– handbags made of natural leather from Massimo Contti Luxury Brand

– vouchers from SaldeoSMART – a leader in the field of automation of accounting processes for companies and accounting offices. The voucher entitles you to a 50% discount for a period of 3 months when purchasing any SaldeoSMART package

– book “I see you. Soul touch. From the Diary of a Submissive Angel by Angelika Szczęśniak

– KOBIDO facial massage vouchers from the CALL YOUR SOUL massage salon in Warsaw

– the painting “Mimosa and Sparrow” funded by Anna Ewa Kosińska – the founder of the Painted Time brand.

-Healthy Woman test package to be used in the Beauty Zone in Łady near Warsaw.

– women’s suits from the spring-summer collection from the BB brand

-floral, gold-plated necklace from the COLIBRA brand with Swarovski stones in a fashionable lilac color

– a plaid with the MIMOSA AND THE SPARK painting motif from Anna Ewa Kosińska – the owner of the Painted Time brand.

-painting funded by Natalia Jóźwiak

– painting Sunset in India funded by the Artist Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

– silver necklace from the COLIBRA brand with decorative purple geometric patterns, studded with Swarovski crystals

– the painting Heaven funded by the FOXVERT company, 70 cm by 50 cm

– V-AIR 100 air purifier from the VIESSMANN brand.

– handbags by Monnari.

-invitations to visit the NATALE vineyard with wine tasting

– picture Bird of Paradise from Cecylia Dąbrowska

– picture entitled “River” donated to the auction by Artist Kinga Gajda

– gold-plated chain from the COLIBRA brand with a beautiful, large heart-shaped pendant with green and silver Preciosa crystals

– shawls with the motif of SUNNY FLOWERS from Anna Ewa Kosińska, the owner of the Painted Time brand.

-invitation to visit the JANTOŃ vineyard with wine tasting

-voucher from Dr. Marlena Majkut-Sobechowicz for a face treatment with a fractional thulium laser along with a dermatological and aesthetic medicine consultation, worth PLN 1,900

– picture Cat Woman from Cecylia Dąbrowska

– an occasional numismatic made in 2022 by the Mint of Poland on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Progres Group. It is made of brass, covered with 24 carat gold.

– a silver chain from the COLIBRA brand with a large, eye-catching pendant in the shape of a heart studded with Preciosa crystals in two shades of purple

– a painting in black and gold colors donated to the auction by the Artist Kinga Gajda

– dresses funded by designer Anna Szubert

– suitcase with products and company gadgets from TARCZYŃSKI SA

– vouchers for the My Skin treatment funded by the Beauty Zone.

-a picture made in assemblage technique, size 140 x 110cm. The author of the work is Katarzyna Pander-Liszka, a painter and collage artist.

– sets of FLOSLEK cosmetics

– an abstract painting “Immersion” painted by the Artist Monika Badziąg.

– sets of scented candles from the UNISONE brand

-painting funded by the artist MaNa Art Magdalena Musiał

– figurine of a bull funded by the Stock Exchange

– gold-plated chain from the COLIBRA brand with a decorative star-shaped pendant studded with Preciosa crystals

-voucher for cooking workshops for 2 people to Farma Bii. Farma Bii – a boutique guesthouse and a luxury cooking school, which was created for all those thirsty for culinary experiences and blissful relaxation

-sets of chocolates funded by Doti Family Chocolate Factory

-sets of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from the LEKAM brand

-painting funded by the Artist Monika Badziąg

– picture entitled “UNIVERSE” made of epoxy resin on a wooden board. The author of the painting is Malwina Wilczek, who visited 48 countries, which had an invaluable impact on her sense of beauty.

– an elegant suit from the spring-summer collection of the BB brand

– invitation to visit the NATALE vineyard with wine tasting

– wide COLIBRA bracelet made of 5 chains with a fashionable heart-shaped clasp

-OX2, a Swedish developer of renewable energy and a European leader in wind energy, is offering a model of an original wind turbine for auction. It is a miniature of a real wind turbine. Such a model is quite a unique, unusual gadget. OX2 accelerates access to renewable energy.

– a painting from the Chromaart collection entitled “Awakening” – geometric abstraction painted with acrylic technique on canvas. The author of the painting is Mrs. Magda Publicewicz – the architect of the colors of the human psyche. She created the company ARCHITECTURA BARW

-Voucher for diagnostic tests at Urszula Narkiewicz’s Health Prophylaxis Clinic worth PLN 500

– exclusive teas from the NEWBY brand

– posters from the Foundation “And you will go further”

– a jacket funded by the designer Edmund Dembiński

-painting funded by Sylwia Matejkowska

– Lego wind turbine funded by Vestas

-voucher for a photo session funded by Artur Zawadzki

– painting “Beginning” funded by Małgorzata Rita Kowalska

– gift baskets funded by Tarczyński S.A.

– a voucher worth PLN 1,500 for 3 hours of consultation in the subject area selected by the winner. Consultation topics include: coaching, leadership, HR, recruitment, professional development. Consultations will be conducted by an expert in the field of coaching from Grupa Progres

– bag with MIMOZA AND SPARK image motif from Anna Ewa Kosińska – the owner of the Malowany Czas brand

– ONDA voucher from the BEAUTY ZONE. ONDA is a revolutionary device that uses the latest global Coolwaves™ microwave technology. It immediately reduces fat tissue, the effect after the treatment is minus 4 cm in the waist.

– picture FEAR funded by the artist Kinga Gajda. The dimensions of the picture are 80 cm by 100 cm, painted with own technique on cotton canvas, on pine looms.

-ring from the LEECLAT brand

– a voucher for teeth whitening worth PLN 1,500 funded by Beauty Dental

– a gift card for a mesotherapy treatment funded by ORICEA – Cabinets of aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging

– the painting “Golden Leaf” funded by the Artist Monika Badziąg

-voucher for a photo session from Małgorzata Wielicka

-voucher for MindSonar diagnosis sessions funded by Together Consulting. Diagnosis and an individual coaching session is the perfect way to look at yourself from the side and answer important questions

-voucher for a mentoring session with Beata Drzazga – founder and co-owner of BetaMed S.A., Drzazga Clinic, Dono de Scheggia and founder of BetaMed International and Invest Miami in the USA

– floral decorations funded by Kwiaciarnia Prymula, which also took care of the floristic setting of the event

As a result of the auction, the amount of PLN 65,200 was collected, which was fully credited to the account of the “Akogo?” Foundation.