My mission

I believe that each of us is born with a mission to serve a cause greater than just our own interests, it is to serve humanity. I was born to help the weaker, the elderly, the sick and the infirm, and even those without self-confidence. Since I was a child, I felt that my purpose was to help others, and so I guided my choices to fulfill my calling.
When I started building BetaMed S.A., I did not assume that I would make a lot of money. They were not my goal. I wanted to create an institution for suffering people, especially the elderly. An institution where care is human, warm and cordial. This goal arose in my mind when, as a nurse, I observed the insensitive behavior of medical staff towards hospital patients. I felt that I had to move away from this system in order to change the approach to the patient, who being sick is, after all, at a difficult stage of his life. And it was this approach that made the services of my company BeataMed very popular all over Poland. The strength of BetaMed lies behind my overriding life value - EMPATHY. This value has always motivated me to act and it was it that awakened in me the entrepreneurship with which I was born. Now, as the dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Upper Silesia in Katowice, I try to infect the nurses studying there with this trait. I ask them directly to address patients, especially the elderly, with tenderness and cordiality, and to be attentive to their needs and suffering. Whatever I do, I try to "infect" everyone with sensitivity to other people, especially to those who were not as lucky as us.
Today, as an entrepreneur, I ask myself a question

"Could I be better enterproneur and employer than the standards require”

I want to motivate others not only to follow their intuition and passion, believe in their projects and be patient with them, but also to give the human face to each projects they undertake. Ultimately, it all depends on the person and what kind of heart they have. On what they want to give another person. I am of the opinion that without attention to the other person, any success is only temporary. My mission today is also to convince other entrepreneurs that the measure of success is working it out with others, not at their expense. I urge them not to look only at the money, because there are always people along the way. I preach with the stubbornness of a maniac that respect and humility are important. Be successful but always be yourself. Traveling around the world as a guest speaker, I meet a lot of different people in different life situations and I try to inspire them to never give up, to try until they succeed and not to look at others. I try to share my experiences with them, but also strength and enthusiasm, because this is the way to achieve the intended goal.

I am a woman who has achieved more than she could have dreamed of because I was guided by empathy, not profit. This is not a typical business approach, that's why I'm always honored to be called - INSPIRING WOMAN.

I want to stay like that because that's who I am.